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Challenges are simply challenges and choices are simply choices. They cannot possibly be good or bad. Whether they are good or bad depends on how we view it afterwards.

Sense the World in Animal Guides

Cat Totem

I had a dog who got very sick, and I had to put him to sleep. He always slept in one particular spot on the bed, and my other two dogs will not sleep in his spot to this very day.  It’s been over two years. They do sense his psychic imprint, though his scent has long passed. You can’t wash mind out of matter.

You mean they remember his spot? They don’t remember, they don’t need to. They feel it. His energy is still there. You can likely feel it too. Do you find yourself waking slightly as you roll over there still? We often notice a lot while sleeping, then we wake and rationalize it away.

Sometimes I feel like he is kicking me at night. His spirit itself may even still be there. If you recaptured that state, you could mentally navigate it.

You mean bring his spirit back to me? It still exists, but your living pets exist the same way. The psychic difference between the living and the deceased is almost negligible. The force that guides the bodies growth is never destroyed. They even detect weight loss in the body as the energy unanchors.

He was leader of his pack in the house. He likely still is. How did you know he lost weight? All bodies do, but it’s also a symptom of spiritual energy conversion. It begins even before the person supposedly dies. Chemistry is not enough, and even science can’t support a dominantly chemical world.

Do pets accept death better then us? Yes, because they didn’t disconnect from the state of being we call death. They may not desire to lose incarnation, but they are noted in para-psychological circles to be sensitive to haunting. They still have a sense of that world.

Maybe they see the body is gone, but the soul is always there? Yes, and they have an idea of how aware we are. We are condescending to them, but they are never so with us.

They can mourn as well. Perhaps when their deceased owner is troubled? Yes, and they can sense distress in the departed and the living.  Animals have also been known to seek their primary companion as they slip.

Though I can’t use a machine to measure these things for you, I would offer that they are very real and readily available to your experience. I doubt the validity of machines. Even in physics they account for a measure of inaccuracy. They give it a fancy name and rationalize it away, calling it the uncertainty principle. But I would ask you this, does the world seem at all uncertain or confused to you?

The world is not, but we are in general. Yes, and it’s as simple as the obsessive thinking. Even Lao-Tzu said, “Think and be confused, be present and move with the wisdom of the Tao.”

It is better to just be? Well, and not be a rock. Let rocks be rocks. Accept that we do things. Accept even that we think, but make a fetish of nothing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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