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We are a unique voice in a grand chorus, having a depth and range that is powerful enough to echo throughout infinity itself.

Spiritual Shadow in Darkness


We undergo many changes. Things are lost, and we discover new paths. This has a dark side, but dark things aren’t bad of necessity and by trying to hide them, or bury them, you deny part of you.

There is a literal darkness of spiritual, and it is my observation that life on all levels goes in cycles. Those who can’t tolerate any dark side avow compassion, but then disavow it in action. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and those good intentions can do more damage if we’re not careful. We cannot know the light without knowing the dark, and I seek wholeness and balance.

This is why no one can say what is bad and what is good? Hmm, there is one way, but in this way it need not be said. Life exists in us and around us, but most people when speaking of good and bad are speaking only of what is in them. So in calling others bad, they are only naming their own darkness and misidentifying it with another. Life itself can be in distress or be vibrant, but even then value judgments aren’t helpful or necessary. Distress in this living energy isn’t bad by any human terms. Sort of like pain isn’t bad, and it can be very bad to not feel pain. It usually means you are badly injured or ill. But yes, life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% your opinion of it.

In my experience, and what was a belief held by the Marquis de Sade as well before he twisted it, you often see your values and truths most clearly in pain.

Part of why people get discouraged about the spiritual life is that they deny themselves the shadow. They hear only the “morals” and a castle built in the sky will fall to the ground. Then they tell themselves they failed. They were not good enough, or just not spiritual enough. I believe, of course, this is nonsense. If your truths are not true in darkness, were they even true while you were happy?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Your Insights on “Spiritual Shadow”

  1. Fancisco

    I have seen black shadows human form such as children and adult forms they seem to come around 3:30am when everyone sleeps they are everywhere.I asked myself are these lost souls or the shadow of death trying to harm me.Ever since i first seen these shadows it has totaly change my life forever,sometimes sleepless nights.

  2. Sylvia Harvey

    I wasnt sure what was happening at first, but then I had to acknowledge what was going on. It was late also, very late. I’ve had some sleepness nites as well. But now I realize that it is for real.

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