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Always Context Sensitive


Today we are talking about adaptation. First, a necessary adaptation in the form of a question. I have to establish common ground to pursue the talk on. What is adaptation? Changing to suit a new environment? Change or adjustment suitable… Seek More

Are We in Touch?


Let’s bring it back to the domain of human experience. How much would you say adaptation is required of humans in their daily lives? I would say a low amount in general as there is a lot of routine that… Seek More

Effects of Casual Interaction


Let’s take this back from the broadly general and global level and look at things on a human level again. What is the basis of most human relationships? I’d say common interest. Is that so? How many people do you… Seek More

Ability to Adapt


Why do we want safety from social contact? Is that adaption? Perhaps adaption in an unhealthy way, but I prefer it many times. Removal from the environment is adaption to the environment? Denial is adaptive? Well, I want to get… Seek More

Humanity Adapts by Adoption


So any questions about adaptation? Any questions about how we might better adapt? My reason for going around in circles like this was in an effort to lead up to this. Humanity adapts by adoption, and induction, not deduction. Deduction… Seek More

Implicate System is Adaptive


I am at a true crossroads of choosing my well-being or submission to my nature. You may define your nature as being something other than it is. We often mistake our self-image for our nature. My nature does not seem… Seek More

Love is a River


Life is Russian roulette to the degree that we make it that with our thinking. Nature and your inner nature had different plans. It does indeed have plans. Your DNA is a plan. Your acquired adaptations are plans. Your intuitive… Seek More

Beneath Us

Naturalistc Comprehension

Shall we do what’s beneath us, above us, to the left of us, or to the right? Beneath. Beneath us. Time, progress, age, fate. From beneath you it devours. The answer being dust in the wind. This tends to discourage people, but… Seek More

Your Fate is not Sealed

Dual Genetics

I’m only wondering how it gets sorted out – stronger and weaker, adaptation, etc. Ah ok, a part I missed. Thank you very much. I thought I was missing something. Darwinian selection is superficial, shallow to the point of being… Seek More

Break Your Rules of Thought

Creative Meditation

In general, creative meditation is learning to break your own rules of thought in a conscious, self directed way, and the easiest way to do this may be in active mindfulness, active meditation. What’s something routine you do without thinking?… Seek More