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Clarity of our Natural Way


Certainty, as most people espouse it is fear based, but clarity is not paranoia and we cannot create clarity. We can only see clearly, and that is possible partially in those moments of surrender. We are not the way of the… Seek More

Do With Your Heart


Do you have a very difficult time doing anything without your heart being involved? Then don’t exclude your heart. It isn’t necessary. The only way it’s ‘meant’ to be done (if that word has any meaning at all) is the… Seek More

Things Happen


We have had terrible things happen in our lives. Things we did not choose. These terrible things aren’t necessarily your karma. You don’t exist in a void. For example, you do not choose another’s suicide. They do. If someone chooses to… Seek More



There are so many ‘isms’ in this world (Communism, Islamism, Anarchism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc.). I think that those limit our awareness, and freedom? My own view of ‘isms’ is that if you are looking for “self” in an ism… Seek More

Badge of Emotion


I’m not sure you can find that which cannot be lost? Indeed you can’t, but you can remember what you forgot because your attention was elsewhere. The keys in my pocket are lost to me if I don’t know they’re… Seek More

Just Walk


Regarding emotions and attaching them to others, it seems in defining ourselves we will over exaggerate to the point of absurdity to see parts of ourselves that we have yet defined. For example, if you said to me that Jeff… Seek More

Law of Sympathy with Familiar Spirits


We can perhaps call a familiar spirit if none have noticed us, and we can also select as well? One might not have the qualities I’m looking for. Yes, actually. If you want to connect more with say a primal… Seek More

Your Best Friend


The shamanic traditions dealt with the trickster. The Australian aborigines, as well as really all myths, speak of a “time” or phase before anything had a real form. That scary falling place you sometimes get into before you really sleep.… Seek More

Sin Eater


What amounts to a necromantic practice is that of the Sin Eater. The Sin Eater was a person who performed a rite that is based on a Christian concept. Every sin must be atoned for, yes? If one could not receive… Seek More

Light and Shadow

Psychic Vampire

Light siders have aggression too by the way. So understand the other. Not every one who is dark is your enemy. Dark and light can be very intimate and mutually supportive.  When you are attacked by dark, including psychic vampires, recall… Seek More