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You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Elemental Personalities in Awareness

Inner Outer Mind

I think watching my mom feed my younger brother and helping her do that gave me my drive to cook for people. I used to always play with my dolls that way, feeding them even, putting their mouths to my chest as a mom would a baby. Indeed. Very young children don’t have habits of judgement, and I wager that is a good thing. This is how they can start out so in touch with reality. It’s only later that they lose that.

That issue of breast feeding is always from people that feel uncomfortable with it, but kids don’t start out being ashamed. Adults should be learning from them, not the other way around. Indeed. A child seeing someone pull up their shirt often just plays with pulling up their own shirt, no negativity involved. Maybe some giggles and then they go on to do something more interesting.

I really do not know a kid that has been scarred for life after seeing a grown up unclothed. Why do adults act like kids shouldn’t see nature? No. Children wind up scarred by adult social behavior, not by seeing their bodies or anything like that.

What if the adult models are really negative, though, like violence? Again social behavior. That is how the habits of judgement are imparted to young people. Smacking something once may be natural and reflexive. Beating something to a bloody pulp is learned.

So we have ruined our own race with unnatural fears. Harmed it for certain.

So far I have described the most elemental foundation of human consciousness. The elements I have described are the inner mind. You even have what might feel like a rudimentary persona that exists at this level and only at this level. It tends to be splintered up in time into things like the inner child and the shadow, things like that. This is why you can have a personality and reject it, because personality forms all on its own on a very organic level. When you dream these elemental personalities even get a shot at self-expression. It’s necessary. The monster that shows up in your dreams is a big part of your inner minds personality. The reason it seems so negative and scary is your habits of judgement have caused it a great deal of pain and general grief.

I remember self defense class and having the inner child and the bitch all play a role in how you sense when you are in danger. I adore my monsters. They are rarely frightening; bark worse than bite kind of thing. Then you understand fully. The dream monster is your best ally. Ever notice that when you dream of a monster and a child in the same dream they always seem to have some sort of link?

One of them has a punch that could flatten John Wayne’s chin. Perhaps the dream reference is too specific or marginal, but if you have had that dream there is a reason.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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