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Not two souls but many souls are bound on the spirit, and they commune when in spirit. We are infinite beings and are not defined or definable by a single bond.

Your Body Thinks in Awareness

Inner Outer Mind

What happens when the flow of water in a whirlpool is somehow obstructed?

It breaks up. In the end, yes, and can make some really weird noises before it finally dissipates, no? When you look at your conscious mind, would you say its processes are seamless? Contiguous? In harmony with each other or do they seem to clash?

I would say there is some sort of harmony (or discord) there. How often do your thoughts seem self-contradictory?

Often, especially when brain fog sets in. How often do your argue with yourself?

Do I have to answer that? Does your conscious learned experience explain why you behave that way?

I argue with myself and with others who happen to be in my memory, I never win. What would happen if you could win?

Let’s dive back into the inner mind. The eye thinks, the ear thinks, every part of you that has a sensation thinks. They don’t make sense of anything, but they do learn, and they do prepare themselves to react to stimuli.

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Ouch, burnt fingers. Indeed. Just the suggestion of staring at bright light can make your eyes dilate. Just imagining biting into a fresh lemon can make you salivate and your tongue cringe.

Imagine your fingernails scraping down a blackboard. Yes, that makes my skin crawl.

Kids need to know what burns and knife blades feel like. Perhaps in limited, controlled circumstances, but does the clarity of your sensory memory make it into your conscious thinking?

Some of it does. Your body does think. It does remember. They can detect the signals for a reaction going on in your nervous system and brain well before you are even conscious of it. So are you seeing the split between this experience and your habits of thought? This information is even itself filtered as your habits of attention will select some of this sensation as important and ignore a lot of other stuff.

Experience and habit, one is healthy, one can go out of control. Experience the taste of cake but to eat too much is habit. You may be getting the sensory message of hunger, but have your attention so far removed from it that you aren’t conscious of being hungry. So you have practiced being hungry by falling into habits of attention or inattention. We just assume that this stuff all happens on its own, but does that really seem accurate?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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