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There is truth in the world. There is a way in the world. As Sting said, “There is a deeper way than this.” And it is expressed in stillness.

Nurturing Individuality in Rectitude


The fundamental challenge of rectitude is reconciliation of the personal God with the collective demon. This is told of in many esoteric sects of mysticism. Some say it will only come in conflict that will destroy one party (read Christianity). Others say it will come with the enlightenment of the zeitgeist or spirit/daemon of the age. So that it will return to peace with the parent spirit, and all life will prosper fully as it was originally intended.

There are many mythologized views of this, and I have no intention of going into any one of them specifically, but the institutions originated to serve the well being of the individuals that made up the family unit. Thus, the old clan Chieftains were shown deference because they had the ability and willingness to support the wellbeing of the clan as a whole. It grew from there and twisted under the blight of intercultural warfare, as well as mutated into more diverse forms. So as they say in Crichton’s work, “Life finds a way.” We still exist today, but the true rectification that will bring anything like the promised paradise is the return of the consensus to nurturing of individuality, and this can be done only one person at a time. Thoughts?

Clearing your own backyard first? One person is an example, hopefully, and the seed of thought will spread. It’s actually a matter of fact, as a new collective initiative can arise and has arisen historically. The rise of modern academia and the humanities had its start in the Renaissance era, and really hasn’t changed much. It just acquired a lot of conceptual clutter which regrettably has buried its original intent and curbed original thought in our modern era.

It is hard to keep hope in an individual life span. It seems to take generations. New memes take, to the degree that they plug into the pre-existing collective archetypes. In this modern age of rationalism (read recidivism), we have castrated much of the potential for rapid and radical psychosocial change. In the name of the machine, God was slain. And in the name of the machine, God, the personal God, was slain. Leaving the masses functionally without soul, and soul in this case means spiritual center. Let alone autonomous and self reaffirming centers which would actually have a chance to endure culture shock as well as psychological and eco-technological turmoil.

How do we get spiritual center in the midst of this? Brain and cognitive research, even genetic research, is illustrating some facts that need to be embraced and reincorporated into the modern consensus. We have a God gene and a craving for the input that triggers the sense of “presence”, which is synonymous with wholeness of consciousness. But even still, today it is seen as a mysterious “other” watching us in our own minds, loosely referred to when Freud took his stab at analyzing what he called the “super-ego”.

We can retake the inner temple of divine authority and consciously explore what we previously referenced in only a subconscious way, and make deliberate and pro-adaptive choices rather than our current maladaptive ones. Sort of like reverse social engineering, if that makes any sense. Deconstruct the current consensus and rebuild it with our collective experience to reflect the evident truths. Those truths are both sociologically evident and neuro-psychologically evident with the core of this new paradigm being the most primal and primary tendency known as biophilia. We love life and living things, which can of course include self, and the neglect of this core value is evidenced in the rejection and even destruction and sacrifice of the individual as self.

The age of the sacrificial God is over. In theory, it could have been over long ago, but we have remained sleeping in the necropolis of our ancestors, and dreaming a nightmare into existence with the notion it’s “fate” and “God’s will”, evidence millennialism. Even the pseudo-millennialism of the 2012 era prophecy. Yes, the world can and does experience radical shifts, punctuated equilibrium is the rule, but we can voluntarily set the pace. It’s picking up even now, despite the still dominant mass of human pre-occupations. Maybe survival instinct kicking in. I can’t say for certain.

Let’s use a pacemaker for a metaphor. It’s a lucky, but simple device, that has for a connection to the heart, a thin thread of electrically conductive wire. Minimally invasive and dirt simple as far as modern technology goes. Yet, that simple little rhythm keeping stream of electrical pulses can help a person live out most, if not all, of their natural life span. The individual may not be able to move the hearts of the masses (Believe me, I have experience in this), but that simple little pulse still sets up a rhythm of responsive stimulation in the mass of life as a whole. Even if it’s for the most part unheard, it can still serve a vital function. Does anyone actually need more purpose than this?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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