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There is only freedom without, when there is freedom within.

Your Personal God in Rectitude


Why am I thinking of the clobber the groundhog game? Because that’s what you do to the heart of your personal God.

Will you please describe your personal God for us? What is the ideal you?

Full perspective. What is that? Seeing all factors, so understanding in context. Impersonal, sort of heartless. What is it like living with a heartless God? Stressful, anxious. This God of all knowing gives you peace? No. It is too much. So it is not only heartless, but it’s even cruel, abusive. True. Yet you give this God everything but what it needs. You are a “devil” worshipper.

What does it need? To break you. To break your ideas of what you are, so that you can be a “who” instead of a “what”.

Anyone else want to share their personal God? I will share mine. My personal God is an element. My personal God has a place, but no potential. All action, like wind or waves. Is this a good God?

Don’t wind and waves have the potential to be forceful or not? They can sure stir up when they work together. Also, no building? No building and they, given the influence of other forces, become quite forceful. They become heartless killing energies.

Is action your ideal? Yes, and my greatest frustration as my life has taught me that I am impotent, or at least this is my subjective opinion.

So our personal God is found in the ideal we hold of ourselves? Yes. It’s the “be careful what we wish for” thing.

All of our Gods are dead, but they can be resurrected. You cannot define human nature individually, because nature itself defines human nature. And if you experience strong pleasure in eating chocolate, that is just what is. Yet people deny the objectivity of this. They think a desire to breath is somehow less physical than a rock. They think the desire to go to bed is less real than the impact of a lightning strike. How is this true?

Maybe it goes back to evolution. We don’t want to think that we are here by some fluke of nature. It’s more glamorous to think of that divine intervention. We are not here by a fluke of nature, but yes, we are here by nature. For there to be a fluke of nature, there would have to be norms of nature, and then a definable deviation from the norm.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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