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Consider this notion should reflect your truth. There is only heaven. When death comes to anyone, to some it comes as an angel of mercy. Release from a life well lived and properly ended. For others, death comes as the avatar of a life squandered. A horrific demon off to drag them away from the chance they blew.

Personal Will in Rectitude


Sorry I’m late, but it was God’s will. If it was God’s will, then apologies are unneeded. In fact, that is very on topic.

We apologise for doing what we want, and we don’t apologise for doing what we don’t want, but which is actually most often the damaging behaviour? When we are “forced” isn’t that when we engage in passive aggressive self-sabotage and even open hostility?

We’re even adamant we’re not sorry because we were (supposedly) made to do it. Yes. The Devil made me do it. The Devil is the only force that ever compels us to do anything, and the Devil is always the other persons personal God. It is the personal God that has the fall from heaven, and the personal God falls from heaven due to denial of “God’s will”, which is the personal will.

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I happen to think both Devil and God are inside of us…not one up and one down. Then you think as I do. They are not split. In fact, your projections onto other people are always “the Devil you know”. You never really hate another person. You hate yourself.

I think the Devil comes out when you see someone suffering a mental illness and they become very unbalanced. It is, I’m sure, like a living hell. When the God side comes out you are calm and in control. Well… calm. When you are in control that’s actually your inner Devil. You can never be in control and also calm.

I don’t think good and evil are such exact sciences. Indeed. They are most often judgements more than anything else. The judgements we make without even being aware that we are.

Control is an anxious state. I’m always in control. We try to control because we try to correct. We seek rectitude with our personal God, all the while betraying him or her, defacing and taking God’s image in vain. Thus our inner nature feels justified in betraying us, and all the subconscious self sabotage arises.

There is a God beyond the personified God, but most people don’t embrace this part of their God. The “heart of God” is the hind-brain, for lack of a better term, and it does not have the supposed depth and complexity of the human mind, but has all the authoritative power possible in the human mind. It has all the “feeling”, and even has editorial power over your “conscious” perception as it connects with the infrastructure of your “thinking mind” in a vertical way. Your brain works from the bottom up, inserting its core authority at various points in your normal thinking. Sort of man holes in the street of your mind.

It sounds like a toddler God when they are at the mine mine mine stage. Yes, and we lie to ourselves with all the “maturation”. The idea that we ever grow beyond that “mine” thinking.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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