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Spiritual Q&A in General


Here are a few questions that I have received in some of my talks. Maybe you’ve wondered as well. 

If our ancestors and family who have passed over are supposed to be watching over us, what exactly are they doing?  They engage in spiritual affairs and are concerned with your spiritual state. But they can’t control you. Free will is a rule, but the spiritual world and the physical are enmeshed. A spiritual event gives rise to a physical one.

Is the feeling of radiating aura along the lines of a trance?  No the afterglow is just the aura being invigorated by what some consider to be the “profane” root chakra. And if you were engaged in ritual that energy could perhaps be channelled to powerful effect.

Can belief get to the truth?  True belief arises from experience, but experience is broad. Really belief is a combination of memory and perception. We will form beliefs. It is inevitably. We need not become enamoured of our beliefs. Perception may misinterpret stuff. If a belief is useful then by all means use it. If you grow to a point where a belief shows weakness then abandon it if that is disruptive to hold. Beliefs are sort of like martial arts stances. You have to be able to move from one to another to stay balanced. To stay focused on the truth that is your essence of all of your experience.

Our motives and our desires stem not from experience alone, but also from our interpretation of experience. One person may try a sport and hurt themselves and their experience is true but they have an aversion to pain so will abandon the sport. To another that pain is a minor inconvenience, if not an outright indifference, and will have found a new passion in their life.

How else could we get in touch with spirit but by just feeling what is there?  We act on thought and can feel on thought. Feeling arises both intrapersonal and interpersonally and there are many ways to be. They can all be reduced to what the Buddhists refer to as one pointed awareness. The Hindus say that all paths lead to Brahma (Brahma = the all encompassing). The one pure light of awareness that is beyond all duality. But the gnani path is neither superior nor inferior to the bhakti (gnani = knowledge and bhakti = devotion). We each have a spirit in our path, a temperament that is valid. You can witness the overlay of yourself on the world. There is no clear separation between me and thee. I am that I am. If you see clearly, you see that you’re looking at a mirror. You will see it here or when you transition and you might react to it the same here as there.

Are there many vehicles for spirit?  Yes and they can even change. When a house is built on land the earth spirit there can transform in its nature. Areas of strong earth energy tend to feel haunted even if no deaths took place there. They call that spirit a brownie or domovoi. There is experiential basis for much of what our ancestors spoke of, if not all. Was just perhaps some understanding missing.

Is the reason we associate death to spirit filled places because we as humans place such an import on the act of death?  Yes and couldn’t even tell the feeling of “death” from “living” spirit in most cases. There is a difference.

The energy shift often makes the environment feel cold. Creates a destructive wave interference, jams electronics and saps thermal energy. So we associate negative things with death, which is a mistake. Many parasitic presences produce a sense of being bodily flushed, an adrenaline rush, not cold, but hot and nauseous.

But the truth is that negative and positive are two sides of the same coin. The appearance of the mothman made people bleed from their eyes and ears, but he didn’t attack anyone. Even tried to help. Which due to human belief hurt some of them. Thus when asked what he looked like he wasn’t being a smart alec. The literal truth was that it depended on who was looking. Many people have their angelic lore seriously mistaken. The cherubim were perceived as fiery beasts, the seraphim even more frightening. Yet art and human prejudice show them as comely humans. Strange delusion that.

Thomas Moore once said, “Life thrives on the illusions it spins”. Maya is only our jailer if we subscribe to that one of her many illusions. In fact she is the keeper and the liberator.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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