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Empty can be good. I like space in myself, breathing room.

Fabric of Reality in General


The negative impact of the human mind on the fabric of reality. Thought is viral. Human thought tends to be negative so it is self perpetuating. Someone gets a pessimistic attitude about their life or a business, and that has a subtle negative impact on other peoples views. They will be second guessing, and eventually there will be a collective reaction against that business or project that will end it, when there was really no reason to stop it.

Social attitudes are very virulent. There is so much reinforcement of roles, i.e. You are not contributing if you are not producing a product or service. However, no one typically dies when these things are not produced. There is so much value put on property and goods that it makes these things toxic to human relationship. However, these things are vital as life giving.

All of it feeds back into each other. We have so many stereotypes on body image which creates negative self image and impacts human relationships. It is a vicious cycle where everyone is plugged into this negative thinking. The commonly accepted values of society perpetuate this.

Simple things should be done. So much is said on restraint of impulse and being thoughtful. But actually, this is to conform to the consensus reality that everyone else thinks that life and reality are. The cancer is not independent thinking, but the consensus that has been laid down that is choking us off from genuine contact from other human beings. If the sectors of society could be shut off that perpetuate this thinking, they should be, as they do not contribute.

We teach this in our education system. Children are told to settle down, listen, follow the text book. Ideas given that are designed to stupefy those that hear them, and then we complain about the education system. Teachers blame parents saying that they aren’t backing them up. But the parents are not given background to also have independent thought, and they are told by the teacher what to do. Another self perpetuating cycle. We’re told the reason for education is to make yourself more ready for the real world. Yet companies are only interested in the economics, and they give lip service to societal or environmental issues.

We’re stuck in this vicious cycle, and people are not being demanded to think. People are told that to stop and think is to be out of touch with reality. This consensus reality blinds us and dictates how we behave. It is not possible to think in a vacuum. All things are interconnected. The products we use in our home get into the water, etc. As we effect each other, certain viruses are allowed to breed as the immune systems are impacted. There is a reason why the common health disorders are impacting us given the products we use. They thought they just didn’t care about any change in this damage we do to ourselves and this world. The idea is that someone else will figure it out. No one else will, because everyone is plugged into the consensus reality.

Fabric of reality. The door, and the idea of a door, and your feelings for the door are not separated. The idea that matter and thought are separate is not correct. The presence of any object is as much something in your internal reality. When we see things, you’re not seeing anything. The eyes are translating. The whole notion that there is mind, spirit, reality and these are separate things is not correct. These things exist because of the principle of consciousness. The ‘I am’ is the principle by which the tree grows, that we grow become educated, etc. The whole concept of universal reality is often dismissed as a mystical reality, yet the Buddha discovered that the ‘I am’ is not separate and is everywhere.

The question of ‘what is the zero point field?’ These questions mean very little. Love is an experience of the oneness of reality. Reality is in dialogue with itself. You say ‘I thought’ it says ‘I am’ and you see it. Wake in the morning and you are announcing to reality.

The idea that you go somewhere else even in death. There is no need to go anywhere. Speak of individual waves, but they are not separate. Everything is co-dependent. The way that can be named is not the true way. We did not create thought, it is thought. The potential power that cannot and does not stop manifesting. It is literally infinite. How it will manifest is dependent on conscious. ‘I am’ answers its own question and manifests.

The way of an individual. People talk about getting your own way. They don’t realize that the human way is not your own way. ‘Your way’ stems from a very ancient way, and it has been echoing throughout history. Realizing that ‘your way’ comes from something before you. What moves you, moves the world. That motion, emotion is the very life pulse of all of reality. That is the fabric of reality. 

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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