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Spirit Manifestation in Vroloks

Shadow People

I have spoken of spirits before in previous classes, and one might get the impression that they are far removed otherworldly creatures. But today, among other things, we will explore how far from the truth that is.

A famous physicist spoke of a different model of physical reality than most of us are accustomed to, one in which the structure and behaviour of energy differ significantly than they do in our day to day perceptions. The reality we witness is one bound by time and space in which things seem to play out in an orderly and finite fashion. But underneath this reality is an equally real level of reality. Perhaps more real than this one which he called the explicate reality. In this primal level of reality, order takes precedence over form, potential energy over kinetic energy, things like that, and all events that occur in our explicate reality arise not in some other world, but still in this one on the level of the implicate order.

I just explained Bohms implicate order. Now I intend to adapt his model for my own purposes as he didn’t venture into the fields I do. He would avoid it as a matter of principle.

The spirits, as they are sometimes called, do not easily appear in our explicate reality, because their existence and essential nature is only manifest in the implicate level which even exists at a pre-quantum phase.

To manifest in the explicate, they have to take on levels of energy that are generally pointless disruption of the dimensional fabric here. Thus those who encounter beings like the “Mothman” develop symptoms similar to radiation exposure. Even the Bible describes encountering angels and the gods more or less in this way, hair turns white, age seems to accelerate, things like that. Well, reality can bend in a lot of very strange ways, but even without something as dramatic as all that, we still have manifestation from that level that we tend to find disturbing.

I remember those beings were described as being clothed in light, so really glowing. They radiate. A natural side effect of dimensional tearing. The atmosphere gives off loosed photons.

The implicate order can be mapped by a system of linear comparison. Cannot describe it according to three dimension or even Euclidean models, but there is a range between any two different states of being or beings in the implicate order. On that level, state of being, and being or entity are the same thing.

You mean vibrational range? Like that, yes.

So a range of potential? Yes. Implicate space is measured not by distances but by degrees of separation on a continuum.

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Travis Saunders
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