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The consensus reality is the lie.

Spirit of Fear in Civility


We are believing creatures. We used to believe in life, the fundamentals of life, nature, survival, wisdom, death. We considered things that are even true today. They considered the stars, the way of the world as a whole.

The first city dwellers were shamans, and even they didn’t remain there all year round. They came there during scare times to seek sacred wisdom and communion. Over time, these shamans would become priests. The term priest literally refers to one who makes offerings, renders sacrifices to the gods. Perhaps this was the beginning of economy, but is that what we have now?

We have different gods to sacrifice to now. We sacrifice to the great devourer. The dead have been forgotten, the spirits disrespected and ignored.

In every culture, there have been references to a spirit that dwells in the darkness beyond the world. This spirit has one name we still know today, fear. The South American people even had a name for the place they felt their offerings of gold went too. Xibalba. Roughly translated it means the fearful place, or place of all fear, the unknown. This spirit had other names in times past. Nurgle to the Babylonians. Pazzuzu. The names are as legion as the points in which we encounter it, but would you not say a force that exists in life, but transcends any single individual, is a spirit?

No one questions the devourer these days. Fafnir has about eaten through the world trees roots. The disciples of Loki run amok and are even held in high regard.

Civility = no fear? Yes. It is where the civil gesture of a hand shake comes from. It symbolizes you have nothing to fear from me, no weapon in hand. Yes, and is why we make the half-hearted attempt to discern if others are friendly in our conventions of small talk, asking questions like, “How are you doing?”

You see this in other animals. Smiling was also a sign of saying, “Yes, I’m safe. I bare my teeth.” And I’ve seen chimps even do this one further. They put the finger of a new playmate between their teeth as if to say, “I won’t bite you. You can trust me.” Animals rarely freeze. They make every effort to engage the situation before they freeze up. This even goes on in dogs. Even the alpha male in a pack of canines will take a submissive posture to reinforce that they are a pack first, and their playful “fighting” only serves to better the pack sense of bond, and train their young to hunt.

Do our leaders do this? They actually lie. They are the disciples of Loki. Loki is the great liar.

What else is diplomacy but lying while smiling? Diplomacy was once honest negotiation. It was the reason why populations like the druids came to live apart from their original tribes, to assure neutral arbitration. But what place do our spiritual leaders hold today? Where do they fit in society?

James Jones. Jimmy Swaggart. The reverend Jesse Jackson. They want to be politicians, or even god. Perhaps it’s only natural, as any sense of divine intelligence is mostly gone these days.

I think that sense will return as humanity matures. It’s not impossible for it to return. Science could help this process instead of obstruct it, but up to this point science serves the economy first, and truth somewhere far down the line.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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