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This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

Trust Humanity in Civility


What civility comes down to is faith. What will you trust? If you trust nothing, do you love anything? If you love no part of your life, are you living?

You have to trust in something or you won’t survive, at least in yourself. Actually, you have to trust humanity. Recent research has exposed some powerful connections between a great array of health and sanity issues and distrust of other human beings. We are literally dependant on each other. Life is real. It extends beyond us, and we used to feel this more. Maybe because we had to live so very close to it.

You have to trust yourself to make the good choices. You have to trust more than yourself, but you will find that thing worthy of trust in yourself first.

I’ve lost faith that the products I buy won’t poison me. I would say justifiably so.

They are always coming up with new ways that people can get cancer, so I say pick your poison. Well, perhaps some small comfort can be had in this. Life advances in a pattern of punctuated equilibrium, and there has been an increasing variability in the human phenotype as well as the collective genome. Even if pure strain humanity doesn’t endure, perhaps those who arise in its wake, as extensions of its legacy, will make good where humanity failed.

Society is having a crisis of faith. The 2012 shift has begun, perhaps, in these movements around the world. I think it inspires hope. There is no such thing as human tension as a separate force. Human tension is living tension. The animals are feeding this tension also. There is a root need to survive, and people are feeling it more and more. Not only survive, but adapt, actually grow.

We fear for the polar bear even if it isn’t rational. We fear our water is poisoned even if we have no facts to back that up. We fear because the world itself fears, but healing comes with love. The force that not only allows other living things to have a place with us, but takes joy in them being there. And by other living things I mean your spouse, your significant other, your sibling, that annoying neighbor, as well as the cute little tweety birds, the bees that pollinate our fruit, and the soil itself which needs to avoid being poisoned so that it can remain fertile to continue to support life. It is all alive. Humanity is gnawing its own flesh, like the mythological ghoul, behaving every bit like the child of Nurgle.

In parting, I will ask, What is civility?

Wanting to be near other people.

Free of fear.

The desire to preserve so that we can grow.

I contemplate what marketing will look like in a civil society. [I give you a cookie.] That is fine marketing in my book.

Desire to be a people is admirable, but we do need more. There is a feeling. We need to return that sense to our awareness. We need to sense spirit in our world again, and not paint everything gray with abstract economically drive intellectualism.

It reminds me of something I heard on the documentary about Star Trek captains. Patrick Stewart and William Shatner were talking about how people will remember them after they have passed on. Patrick is a well-known Shakespearian actor, but he is totally ok with being remembered only as Captain Picard, because that is the role that inspired so many. The same with James Kirk. Though there is no flesh and blood Captain Picard, there is a very real Captain Picard. He exists like the Greek hero gods, a demigod embodying spirit and insight that we do actually need. That gift is indeed sacred.

The spirit that no one believes in anymore does still work in the world. It’s not omnipotent nor is it tyrannical, but it does gift special people as much as it can manage.

In all civility, I wish you well. Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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