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Trust The Monkey Mind in Brains


Side note. They did give chimpanzees a computer game to play. A simple puzzle, but it was something even humans would find a bit challenging, and if they won, they got a treat. It was a test of their short term memory. They have a better short term memory than humans do, is what they discovered. They also can develop a preference for language. It’s no longer doubted that when they learn to sign they are using it on purpose. It seems a little garbled because their comments seem “dreamy”, half asleep, or not totally aware, which is true of most humans too, but this isn’t how it has to be.

How many of you have practiced lucid dreaming techniques? The impulse energy from the reptile brain takes the shape of its container, like water, and also like water flows to the lowest point, the most basic level. Lucid dreaming is being “awake” while you dream. I can say though, you are most likely not awake right now, though you think you are.

As in day dreaming? Day dreaming is sort of like lucid dreaming. But no, lucid dreaming is being fully asleep and dreaming, but aware that you are asleep and dreaming.

I usually get so excited that I’m having a lucid dream that I wake myself up. It is a common challenge. For me, the dream state and waking state are fused, so I don’t have that problem. This is what makes them call me autistic.

But yes, back to mechanics. Your “impulse” or psionic energy always takes the form of its vessel, and its vessel is created by your cerebral cortex, your imagination. What your imagination says “is” gets charged by your inner mind energy.

I maybe got a bit too out there. I can say it more simply. Your inner mind doesn’t know the “truth”, right? The reptile in you doesn’t know truth from lies. It just wants to do stuff, and is up for anything. The human mind doesn’t know the truth either. It just knows thinking, but it gets its energy from the inner reptile, and thus the “dragons fire” (if you will) takes the form of the human imagination.

But there is a missing piece, a reason why every little thing you imagine doesn’t automatically happen. The imagination gets handed to the monkey, and the monkey decides “want” or “don’t want”, and if the answer is don’t want then the energy gets scattered again, reused. The brain doesn’t normally let you hurt it, so will only cooperate with things that have survival value.

Does it mean that your normal self doesn’t get a vote? Not at all. The monkey likes stimulation, likes diversity, so this is where you “trap” your own mind. You create an interesting or attractive enough picture in your imagination, and you can coax the monkey into wanting it. So say you want to stack the probability in your favour for finding a new job, so you just start saying, “I want a new job.” Present the idea of a new job to your inner monkey, what would it say?

Wouldn’t take without more detail? Yes, not interested. Too boring.

“Are you nuts?” Yes. Basically, it would question your imagination and it would win.

Would Fairy Tales fall into this? They can and do. They are alive and well in the modern and very real world.

When the monkey mind grabs hold of something you gave it, it won’t let go. Keeps it, even “eats” it making it a part of itself.

I don’t have to worry about random thoughts manifesting unless they are something the monkey likes? Exactly. Some people worry they hurt someone else with their mind. This is usually not even close to being possible for them.

Trust the monkey? Trust the monkey and “Down with the MAN!”, so to speak.

Sometimes I work on really disturbing books, and have wondered if they might affect me? No. The monkey gets irritated and “gets away from” the material. Many peoples monkeys are still pretty sane, but this part of the mind is the seat of the “twelfth monkey” phenomenon. This is how you can guide peoples decisions without telling them what to do.

The twelfth monkey phenomenon is simple. You have one monkey. Let’s say it’s learned to wash its food. No other monkey washes its food for the sake of this explanation. Now another monkey in its troupe comes along and notices that monkey washing its food, and does that also. As they say “monkey see, monkey do.” This is very true in psionics. Eventually his whole family unit has the habit of washing their food. Now monkeys washing food is totally new for the sake of our argument, and it’s just this small group of monkeys. The “twelfth monkey” is the point beyond which all monkeys will start washing food.

They have discovered a flash point occurs when a trait goes to the whole population. It is a proven fact.

Monkey metaphor in our society has more meaning now. Even the three monkeys… hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. The Chinese stories of the “monkey king” are very informative.

Does intuition come from the monkey? It does, yes. It is the monkeys “way of thinking.” The monkey is dominantly intuitive.

It’s like being shown how to do something that you’ve never done before. And when you try to do it, it’s like you’ve been doing it your whole life? Yes, it is like that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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