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Action and Rest


I have an issue of action to share. Recently, I had an issue with a loss of trust. Major broad spectrum loss of trust. It was activating me like crazy. I didn’t like feeling so badly about people, even about… Seek More

Power of Ability


Ego thinks ‘I do’ and that by virtue of ‘myself‘ I must do everything. Thought is not self. Thought is process and we are “created in gods image”. All powerful. Which means we have the power of ability to do… Seek More

Focus Determines Reality


Focus determines your reality. Your reality is more than what you see with your eyes. Can you recall a time when you really only had one thing on your mind? When you’re doing a task that you’re really absorbed in? Have… Seek More



The media, and the corporations like it. It’s very easy to control an addict. Give them more of what they think they want, and fear triggers the herd instinct. Fear is the mind killer as Frank Herbert said. We don’t… Seek More

Narrow View of Reality


How can we trust our senses when they are so limited? Yet people do. But in fact there is something that makes you trust your senses and lies underneath the senses. Experience? No. That comes after and often leads to… Seek More

Intuition and Logic


It would likely be very helpful for westerners to study Confucianism, but many western thinkers decry the eastern fusion of intuition and logic. To the western mind, logic is good, but intuition is bad. To my observation, logic being given primacy… Seek More

Three Personality Types


There are three personality types over the two genders: phalic hysteric schizoid None are mental health issues and it could be said that: phalic = rage hysteric = feeling schizoid = cerebral Do you feel non identification with gender impulses?… Seek More

Brain, Mind and Experience


Can we say that ‘mind’ is just another word for ‘brain‘? I would debate that myself. I would say mind would be more akin to the morphogenetic field, and the body including the brain more of a mechanism and memory… Seek More

Questions from Questing


Questions come from quest, from seeking, not identifying what we disengage from and don’t believe in. We question based on what we believe might be true. Perhaps we know nothing at all, and all our knowing is just self expression.… Seek More

Spiritual Wounds


The truth of physicality is the common sense of our culture, yet everyone ignores it as they busily manifest their spiritual wounds. Excess leading to the palace of wisdom, but that’s if you can get back. For many, wisdom is… Seek More