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Hurting can be healing and if the center of the person is whole, then all it is is healing.

In Trust, Act in Trust

Looking back for my future. Looking forward it’s past. The only time I can love you is in the now. Not a race. Hey, wrote a poem. :smile: Yes, that’s the truth.  If right now I just cannot accept my now, I can take radical action. Nothing is truly circumstantial, but things are balanced. You choose radical change, and you don’t change just one thing. That’s not possible.

Right now, I could choose to arbitrarily leave this event, and people do. It has an impact. What they read or what they saw was part of what they didn’t read and didn’t see. Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or isn’t there. You aren’t an accident.

What do you mean by “radical change”? Oh, let’s see. Say I decide I hate the factors of my life, and I just won’t accept them anymore. I can indeed just get up from my computer desk, leave my apartment door, and never return. I might not at all like the consequences of that choice, but it is literally an option. No force can actually stop that.  If it’s my intent then it will manifest. Like trying to stop a determined suicide, it proves remarkably powerless. Radical change, as in really meaningful change, can only happen in trust. In seeing what is, and who is, and where you are.

Wonder, if you started to feel life rather than see it. Wonder, if you decided to listen to life. Than just hear it. I wonder if change is truly needed. Perhaps just acceptance. Perhaps with free will and choices, we just surrender to love? True.

Don’t you think people confuse trust with inaction? I do. Trust isn’t inaction. Part of trust is trusting that you are here, and have desires, motivations. You have a part to play. Action is part of trust, and real action requires it. Informed action is its essence. If you don’t trust yourself, you will act anyway, and the consequences will be more evidence that you shouldn’t trust yourself. Is this anyone’s experience?

Why feel the need to trust? It should be there. The need to trust is trusting need.  Trusting instincts, trusting nature of self.

If you believe in failure, then it will happen over and over? And without trust, you do believe in failure. Because as self sufficient as your inner tape may tell you you are, your knowing mind informs you otherwise. Trusting your true self is realizing that you aren’t created. You aren’t something that can be tinkered with or discarded. You don’t have to build anything into yourself. At any time things can change. I could go postal. You could have a sudden realization and be so inspired that you pursue it with a passion, and it makes you wildly wealthy. What is not there that we need to add on?

Happiness? Contentment? Nope. If you think those are add ons, they will never come. We see as much or as little as our focus determines. We aren’t physically adding anything.

Gratefulness? Gratefulness is just widening your vision. If as a child you woke and your eyes were bleary on Christmas day, you might vaguely see the Christmas tree but nothing under it. You might think you have no gifts, but just look a little longer. We widen our eyes when distressed. It’s a survival instinct, and we are numb to that otherwise. Well, widen your eyes. If you see a bear charging you, will you doubt it? Distrust that you see the bear? Or more in peoples experience, cars? The ones who do are short lived. So why not trust your awareness? You won’t use what you don’t trust.

I must be truly honest, and say I don’t trust my insecurities, conditionings. So I send them love, and watch them weaken as I journey deeper. But thankfully, instincts bring awareness, and also the love given to me even in anger. By not judging them, brings smile. Helping me to trust in love. Ok, you do trust. You do actually trust the insecurities. Trust isn’t belief. Trust isn’t violated when beliefs change. You can trust that your fear does damage in your life, but you have to trust that you see that fear.  That you know that about yourself. Belief can be a sticking point or a stepping stone. If you say “I believe”, why not let it be followed with “Let’s see”? I won’t say beliefs are bad, but if they are true, why shouldn’t they spur action? The most modest action being inquiry?

I won’t misplace my trust in belief. Deciding to go with faith. My faith in love is stronger for me. Excellent. You may have a great deal of trust.

I think beliefs actually do spur actions? I wouldn’t disagree, but do they spur contiguous action? Action that meshes with the belief? Some profess a belief in one thing, but ardently pursue its opposite.

Misplacing trust can be a conditioning where faith is solid and pure.  Tried, tested, love is the only way for me. If you say I love, but reject things without knowing, without trust, is that true love? If in knowing you decide, that is trust. True love is knowing. True love is unconditional and asks of nothing, and trust is unconditional. Do you trust a rock to be a rock, or will it suddenly become a bird?

Can trust not be violated? No. Trust can’t be violated, doubt can. The doubter is forever violated, and yet they declare they were right to doubt. I doubt this good thing will happen, it happens. There, just goes to show you never know.

If you knew you would not have allowed the violation in the first place? If you trusted yourself and what you saw, if you trusted your knowing and decided on that, what can be violated? We often don’t trust the law.

I don’t play this role for ego. Your walk is, was, and should be your own. Just trust your footing, because you are here. In trust, seeking becomes walking.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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