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Synthesis is an interesting experience. I enjoy tasting blue.

Distrust Distrust in Trust

Is there ever a time not to trust? When you have to ask if you should trust, then distrust the distrust.

In my area there is terrible violence with gangs. I don’t want to be paranoid. Trust they will act on what they say.  Distrust doesn’t serve. Really distrust is the force that keeps us stuck in our heads, believing the illusion that I am such and such. I am Christian or I am Republican, and anyone who’s not like me isn’t to be trusted. What happens when those ideas are challenged? Trust doesn’t challenge, it’s the basis of realization. When someone says “we will see” they are right.

Many people just ‘expect’ to be trusted by others, it‘s usually a sign they can’t be? Trust isn’t something you can seek.

Soul with guidance caresses our instincts to bring awareness. And mind with ego brings fear of the help. Trusting ourselves higher best is a path of enlightenment? Well, this idea of “I should trust my mind“ or “I shouldn’t trust my mind“, that is crazy making. You should know your mind.  Know how it is.  Know your total being. When you know your mind/heart then you know what it will do, and you can choose with knowing from wholeness. Use 100% of that brain rather than using part of it to argue with the other part of it.

Heart, mind, body, and soul all moving in the same direction? Yes, this is possible.

Ronald Reagan said; “Trust, but verify”. Sure, verification is fine. That’s why you need to know; Who now? What now? Where now? Not later. Later sets up a separation that doesn’t exist. The only meaning behind doing it later, is that you won’t do it now. Why not just say you won’t do it, and accept that later you can do it? Would that not be more trustworthy? Later, accept that in any given now you can choose. Trust that. If I were beaten every bit of my youth, what would make me have to beat anyone? Anything?

Is it true then that we can’t really plan for the future? Actually, what is true is you always are. The delusion is that there is no some other future that isn’t in you that has to be influenced. Whatever you’re doing now, you are planning for the future. You go into your kitchen and fix a meal? You are planning for the future. Ever action has a consequence, and it’s all connected.

But what you make depends on what is available? What is available is dependant on what you chose to do before. Always, barring abnormal circumstances, is there anyone you can’t part from?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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