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This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

Know Yourself in Trust

It’s quite popular to doubt, to distrust people. Supposedly you are being shrewd and intelligent if you trust no one. Anyone know any paranoiacs who are genuinely wise? Fearful geniuses? Anyone changing the world by running away from it or doubting themselves? And yet, it’s cool to subscribe to trust no one right now. Even in the political arena in the United States, basically the government is taking a trust no one stance or did under Bush. Did this make us wildly prosperous?

We have been trained by our parents to trust no one for fear of being in danger, i.e. don’t trust strangers. Ah, yes, and no step after. Just the message not to trust. It‘s amazing we manage to get to know anyone isn’t it? That we can even form any relationships?

And they know it’s our ‘friends’ that hurt our children more often. Yes, uncle so and so, or the pastor who is supposedly above reproach. We don’t even trust ourselves, and our investment scene has gone all to pieces.

We don’t know how to use the instincts we are born with. Yes, and that’s part of the problem, that idea of knowing.

They say don’t sign onto Second Life (SL) or you’ll get addicted, or divorced. I divorced well before knowing anything about SL, and my conduct there is the same as real life.

So, how can we trust anything if we can’t trust ourselves? And how can we be strong in peace? Know yourself. Not ideas about yourself, not prejudices, not your conditioning. People do change. It’s popular to say they don’t, but they do. A lot and quickly. This is why the roles seem untrustworthy, basically there are. Roles without principles are lies, and no one keeps to them well.

What is trust? Is it about being a sap? A sucker? Or is it something different? Does paranoia prevent betrayal? Physical threat even? It has been my experience that paranoia can precipitate betrayal.

Giving and expecting nothing in return? Yes, that’s right. That’s part of trust. Doing what you do, because it’s what you do. That takes trust. Being who you are and being where you are, because it’s what is. You can argue that everything is subjective, that everything is a matter of ones point of view, this is a half truth at best even for the ‘everything is relative’ set. Because bottom line, they are going to act and react. They may not believe in the absolute worth or meaning of anything, but our nature doesn’t stem from our philosophical nihilism. As much as we strip away meaning, we still act as if there is meaning. In all likelihood you will get up tomorrow, why is that?

There is something there and it’s bigger than us. We are a part of it, and whether you believe it or not, that something guides you as much as it guides me. There is a reason, but we get caught up in human reason. We are busy living a life we think while life is still going on. How can you trust the life that nature set you up to realize, at least if only in crisis, if it only exists in your head? Can anyone trust that subjective life? Have confidence in that and themselves because ultimately they can declare nothing is real? If nothing is real then you aren’t, and if that’s true then why are you doing anything at all?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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