Warriors and soldiers are passionate? But that is merely focus. They are controlled and they are driven. They believe, but this is not passion. Passion sort of excludes belief.

Trust Your Relationship to the Projected World in Mind Projection

Mind Projection

I ponder “Getting himself ‘together.'” Dreaming is getting yourself together. Brain synching the neocortex with the rest of the brain arises from the brains habit of “checking” the self, making sure all your parts are still there. Since we can’t really tell truth from falsehood in an absolute sense, why not just accept everything as true?

Well, everything IS “true” in a sense, then. It will all have a very real impact on all of the reality that you have any grasp of, anything that matters to you, but, there is a reason why we avoid that stance of everything as being true though it’s a simple mental error, a natural outgrowth of our cultural conditioning. We do have the ability to detect deceit. We do have the ability to detect ill intent, and we can tell when someone has lost their fully functional state of orientation. Is this not so?

I want to feel that I still have that ability. I assure you, you do. Some things are only conditionally true, situationally true, and we can sense when someone is trying to force a situation into being including forcing the notion of authority into being. We can sense when someone intends us ill because it will make us feel ill. We will feel threatened. So what they believe is true is only in the context of the conflict of interests between them and you.

You should feel free to trust your natural relationship to the projected world. Your instincts are far better than your “education” in this regard, and well, we have a word for living cells that have set themselves aside as the exception to the community called the body. Those living cells that set themselves up as special case are “encased” examples of the body we call cancer. If the things a person believes are true tend only to be true in the isolated occurrence of conflict of wills, their exercise of their own projecting mind is indeed malignant.

Narcissism? Narcissism, Machiavellian personality, things like that, yes. Psychopathy, in general, and I speak of psychopathy in the clinical sense as distinct from psychosis.

Perhaps of interest, the cells best able to control cancer also have the greatest degree of malignancy short of being cancers. The cop has to be capable of controlled psychopathy as well, that’s the difference really, controlled versus uncontrolled.

Self-witnessing? Yes, versus self-abandoning. Too much seeking liberation makes Johnny a very sick boy.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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