'Mind Projection' Chapter

Mind Projection

Experience is a subtle case of projection at all times. Your behavior arises not from your conscious thought or even your singular brain, but from environmental processes around you which you broadcast out into as well. This is why you can so regularly do something and seriously not know why you behaved or reacted that way. They are finding all sorts of patterns in nature that verify this.

Feel free to trust your natural relationship to the projected world. Your instincts are far better than your “education” in this regard.

“Our minds influence the key activity of the brain, which then influences everything; perception, cognition, thoughts and feelings, personal relationships; they’re all a projection of you.” Deepak Chopra

One Big Recognition System

Science is the study of what and how something happens. Metaphysics is the study of why, and there is a conceptual split between the two trains of thought in society. Our mind is the centre of everything we try to… Seek More


Your body doesn’t react any differently to internal stimulation than it does external. Pain from sickness is processed the same as pain from attack, say. The brain will begin a pattern of reactions as if you were under physical assault… Seek More

Intelligence of Your Body

Let’s then look at what this means about our autobiographical memory, our memory of our life as we believe it happened to us. Your reaction to anything that happened to you is an assembly of physiological reactions, mirrored social reactions… Seek More

Behaviour Arises from Environmental Processes

The Buddhists have always told us that “self” is an illusion. Useful, but not a place to stop with inquiry. There is a rare form of brain damage that leads someone to believe they do not exist. They believe the… Seek More

No Perception of “Absolute” Reality

They have experimental verification that body language is a reliable indicator of people’s general disposition. It’s almost robotic. Where our understanding goes wrong is in misinterpretation. But say, untrustworthiness results in touching the hands and face compulsively, crossing the arms… Seek More

Trust Your Relationship to the Projected World

I ponder “Getting himself ‘together.’” Dreaming is getting yourself together. Brain synching the neocortex with the rest of the brain arises from the brains habit of “checking” the self, making sure all your parts are still there. Since we can’t… Seek More