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Transliminality in Mind Projection

Mind Projection

Your body doesn’t react any differently to internal stimulation than it does external. Pain from sickness is processed the same as pain from attack, say. The brain will begin a pattern of reactions as if you were under physical assault when you fall ill or suffer great strain. So the greater part of the iceberg of your consciousness occurs at the subliminal visceral level.

Anyone heard of transliminality?

Borders? Crossing them? The tendency to not be sensitive to them. They can set up an experiment in a lab that will convince your brain they have your arm in some space removed from your physical body. The perception of our body as a whole is a habit of the brain. Remember this point, we will be getting back to it.

When you think of your past or future, or when it occurs to you that you need to move to a different room, you are using the same process in the brain. It is all a form of reflecting on the “self.” Your memory of the person you were is a reconstruction not of some abstract data, but of a crude mock up “self” and then checking those feelings and perceptions. When you intuit someone else’s feelings or state of mind, their motivations let’s say, you are doing the same thing as you would to recall that you left your wallet near your bedside.

A sort of imagining? Well, more like orienting, because you can’t orient based on sensation. You always orient based on memory. Seeing may be believing, but seeing isn’t automatically remembering. Under the right circumstances, I could show you your own watch, and for a minute or so you would not recall that it is yours. Only when your body image check tells you your watch isn’t on your wrist, would you likely recognize that I have it.

It’s like trying to describe your bedroom to someone who has never seen it. They can get an idea but not fully see your personal room, and then they can swear they remembered the lamp being on the left side when it was on the dresser all along. Even people who visit the room will make that error. Another example would be the “Where’s my pen?” scenario when you tucked it behind your ear or sometimes even are still holding it. Your brain doesn’t recognize that though, not for perhaps a good bit.

So those aren’t just senior moments. No, they are natural, and have nothing really to do with age.

I’m now thinking of how when I visit a city for the second time, things are not where they were the first time I went there. You project your state of being onto your environment. If you were drowsy when you visited the first time, and not the second time, it will be as if two different people visited, but it will be you who think the environment has changed.

I’ve had weird sensations occasionally when I don’t think I’m wearing my glasses, I don’t perceive them but they’re on my face. Not so weird, weird is only that you notice them, but the brain gets fatigued so sometimes those lapses get overstated.

So your brains recognition of other people’s state mirrors the experience of having the state yourself. This is why you will feel tense, even irritable, when you overhear an angry rant in a fast food place let’s say.

Is Alzheimer’s effecting the memory or the perception? Both, because they are the same thing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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