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How does saving people work? And if you can save people from themselves isn’t that tyranny?

Affected By You in Brains


Space has nothing to do with psionic influence. The mind has space only in the sense it has form. It forms a vast network spreading all across our planet and beyond, but I will focus on our planet.

If I recall, I think it’s established sociologically that there are only six degrees of separation between you and literally every other person on the planet. Even if the number isn’t correct, though I believe it is, the number of steps between you and literally anyone else on this planet is distinctly finite.

Your mind, your behaviour, your feelings, your psionic energy, move by carriers. Specifically, the people you are most often around, but it gets transferred by hand off, mixed with other energies, but not destroyed. In six steps or fewer, literally everyone has been affected by you. More specifically by your imagination. This is the basics of memetics. If your imagination can be in any way communicated, even by telepathy, to one or more other people, then if anyone else has imagined the same thing, like say dragons, dragons will literally be in everyone’s head, affecting everyone’s mood and world view.

Now consider this. Ours are not the only thinking minds. Even animal behaviourists no longer see animals as unaware or unthinking. Not only are animals a part of this communication, but perhaps other worldly intelligences as well and the minds of the deceased. So, though psionics might not have the tradition and values systems of the older paths, I wouldn’t blow it off if I were you. Though with how things are going, the only psychics that could arise are all going to wind up in nut houses. I don’t know. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of psychological resilience or emotional strength. Your thoughts friends? What is the future of psionics as a human potential?

Dismal at the moment with the state of media. But I meet more and more people who don’t watch or listen to that stuff. Very good, and many people who get a lot of psychic influx either limit or just don’t take in media. In my case, I’m sort of a media junky, but I have habits many don’t. It seems to help me center and orient more.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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