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Counter culture becomes mainstream when the norm is toxic and society looses its center. Eventually not being recognizable in its original form.

Spells in Glitch Space in Brains

Glitch Moment

Shall we discuss how spells fit into the glitch space?

Spells, through deliberately constructed expressive behaviours and specially selected stimuli, like incense or coloured cloths, or our reaction to waving a knife around, seek to simulate not a facet of personality but a process, a naturally occurring process, as if it were an aspect of our own personalities. It’s like what happens with an information technology professional. Over time, as they have kept the ritual of their work, understanding and diagnosing computer issues becomes intuitive. They don’t really even consciously think about it after a while. Well, what if you achieved that with the people around you? Or the ecosystem around you? Or even the laws of physics around you? Would that be helpful?

Very helpful. How often do insights emerge suddenly as opposed to deliberately?

They just occur to you, virtually always. I have heard it said that realization is always superior to insights arrived at by deliberation. These sudden realizations are very disorienting though. Do they usually help us with our immediate train of thought very well? Or do they derail it and we have to reorient?

They often derail it. They can call everything else into question. Cause a glitch. In the case of the forces of physics, it is like the discovered process wasn’t even there until they realized it was. Almost as if it emerged out of nothing. What would we call that?

Emergence? Magic? Sorcery is defined as magic produced by adding something to or taking something away from a medium. If I lead you to believe that your sense of self was dependent on some specific phrase I say (and something like this has been done even in modern times), I will be able to control you almost completely as you will do anything to save yourself, believing your self subconsciously to be that phrase.

This is the mechanism behind voodoo death. When everyone around you believe you are doomed to die, your body and brain have very little resistance to this suggestion normally, and you do.

Life is more exciting with a Pepsi. That is sorcery also. How many of you have the Pepsi spell lodged in your brain? Though you have no bodily need of it.

Do you know how they introduce this stuff into your head?

TV commercials? Or by putting their logo sign on all kinds of things. Not by simple suggestion. If that were the case, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between your life and that of your favourite television drama character. They do it by interruption, commercial break. You immerse yourself in a program, or in reading a magazine article, or even in just driving. Ever wonder why they do roadside billboards? It would seem you don’t really look at them right? If you do, is it for very long?

Driving long distances gets boring so the billboards have your full attention. If they did you would run off the road.

Ever notice how long it takes you to notice an entirely new commercial? Ever had the experience of telling somebody about something you just heard of and they already knew about it, had known of it for months even?

Many times. You think you are consciously paying attention to the billboard. You actually aren’t. You register familiar icons and images, even phrases, but you don’t really think about them. They don’t disrupt your stream of experience. You experience the perception of them. Show me the things you notice and I will be able to tell you both your entire list of loves and hates.

When we engage them consciously and really consider that life is more exciting with a Pepsi, they loose power? And are we inducing a glitch? Because the notion that life is more exciting with a Pepsi did give me pause. Actually, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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