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Normal comprehension is normative thought. It’s a virtual reality at best.

Vrolok Beings in Vroloks

Shadow People

Is Vrolok one specific being or a name for a classification of entity? Vroloks are a classification of beings who have no physical form as we know it. They are not discarnate humans. They are not discarnate vampires.

Would that be like Sasquatches and the Loch Ness Monster? They are very much in existence but only when their domain over laps with ours. Do we see them? We can sometimes see them. They are part of a general group of phenomenon also called shadow people. Shadow people are not all one kind of entity, but a range of entities.

Can we communicate with them? Well, in theory, yes. They can be communicated with. Perception functions on that level in a way we might compare to our own precognition. This is why so many beings there seem to be able to see the future. They can’t really, and they differ in degree of how perceptive or observant they are.

Are these beings alive or dead? They are neither alive or dead, but they do tend to gravitate to the dead. There are many influential entities on this level of reality, and each behaves as differently as any creature in our world might, really even more so. Vroloks are a type of being that if it had a natural organic form would manifest as a complex parasite.

So with their own personality? Yes. Imagine something like a tick, but with an evolutionary complexity exceeding that of the human. That would be something like a vrolok.

Do they have free will? They do have free will, yes. They aren’t confined to our dimension in their activities, but do tend to be attracted as activity here does amount to an easy lunch for them.

They are all parasitic? Vroloks are, yes, though the more enlightened would be more symbiotic than the others.

If you describe them as parasitic, what do they need that they cannot do themselves? They are high entropy beings. They exist as part of a continuum that dissipates energy very quickly. So they put down connections with other dimensions in order to open a stream of energy to sustain them.

They burn out quickly? They burn out quickly if they cannot feed, yes. They are attracted to the dead in our world because these leave open psychic wounds in the bereaved, and thus if they take on the persona of the departed, they can provoke emotional spikes that they can then absorb the energy of.

Are they the ones attracted to innocence? No. They have no special attraction to innocence. If they are extraordinarily lucky, they can even seize on the presence of a revenant, a clinging ghost of a human, which enable them to not only feed on the emotion but create psychokinetic effects as well.

Is this harmful for the human? It isn’t helpful.

Can it be done and the human would hardly notice it? It can be done with varying degrees of subtlety. It depends on the individual vrolok. Some do even offer assistance to their host, others offer assistance they cannot actually give like immortality, things like that.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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