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To dismiss something because it seems obvious has been the source of many grievous errors even in the most concrete disciplines.

Tripping in the Dark in Vroloks

Shadow People

A related phenomenon to vroloks would be therians. Therians are a class of beings like vroloks that induce atavism in human partners. Evolutionary regression and the human component is a partner, not a host, as the therian doesn’t actually drain energy from the host or the environment around the host.

Like co dependence? It can get to the point of co-dependence, yes. They manifest in the cases of acquired lycanthropy as one example, but this would be its very own topic.

What is lycanthropy? Involuntary atavism being a werewolf. The more general term would be therianthropy. South American warriors, Norse warriors, well, many cultures to some degree deliberately induced it.

They could shapeshift? More like acquire exceptional insight and physical characteristics. Perhaps shapeshift in extreme cases.

Berserkers. Yes.

Do we have vroloks controlling some politicians? I imagine it’s possible, though I couldn’t name names.

Can vroloks inhabit the internet? Not yet, but with the development of quantum computing very possibly, or bio-computing. Recording and reading data at a particle level.

You mean chips in our heads? No. Bio-computing is just synthetic DNA, and the accompanying playback technology.

I’m getting the feeling that the world population on the web is becoming increasingly more parasitic. The internet just shows the external truth more clearly.

Anonymity allows people to show more emotions. Anonymity provides a tempting channel for species communication. Two vroloks cannot normally communicate with each other while embedded in a host. Their communication manifests in gestures, like an ants antennae but displayed in subtle body language and emotional shifts in the host.

Reminds me of multiple personality disorder. They are commonly drawn to such sufferers.

Are Goths involved with vroloks? Some may be but most likely not. For many Goths, the imagery is life affirmative and artistically inspiring. This doesn’t serve a vroloks purposes very well so a vrolok host would likely find Goths annoying at best.

What about emos? They would love emos, candy store.

What’s an emo? Short for emotional, looks like a Goth, whiney. They posture outwardly about the dramatic nature of their internal suffering. No suffering, no emo inspiration. Public crying would be “cool” for them.

A lot of people tripping in the dark side and cutting. Tripping and getting lost and confused, wasting time and opportunities. Cutters are simply sado-masochistic endorphin addicts.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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