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We are not free of darker feelings and views just because we espouse a spiritual view or lifestyle.

Region Of Darkness in Dark Practice

Dark Practice

The dark side is the realm of the dead or angry spirits? Actually, only connects to it. It is the realm of ghosts, and is actually the mirrored possibilities of the world made manifest. No potential can exist without becoming actualized. So for every positive way we feel called to, there is a part of our spirit that goes the other way.

How about Wicca and witchcraft? Wicca and witchcraft are light based faiths. Sort of forms of neo-shamanism with broader philosophical overtones, and they generally shy away from dark practices.

My religious friend went to a pagan wedding once and that is why he is so fearful about me learning about dark things. They felt the force of some spirit try to break the circle. It must have been quite scary. Christians often report feeling demons trying to interfere with their spirituality, and some few actually would try, but not for the reason people believe.

I can use physics as a metaphor if that’s ok? For every light emission, there is a phenomenon they call retarded waves. Every light wave defines a pattern that interrupts its own radiance. So every thing we perceive produces what could be called an isomorphic echo of itself. Whenever you have something that you can clearly define, you also have something that is not. That exists by way of negative definition. Nature abhors a void as they say, but it embraces darkness. The logic of the darkness does seem to stand in defiance of the normal world, but it exists by way of extension.

Or perhaps in simpler physics… For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Exactly, and you can see something coming by its shadow being cast, just as you can by looking at it directly. So there are actually some very strange paths that do exist or have existed in human history, that draw on the intuition of this between realm at its seemingly contrary nature. Symbolized by the figure of the divine clown or the divine liar.

Now in a region of the darkness, there does exist another real all together. This realm has been spoken of by the Hindus, the Tibetans, the Greeks… Well, perhaps all cultures in some way. The realm of chaos. The realm of the formless, and this is pretty much universally seen as the first state of the universe.

Is that Hades domain? He exists in a realm just this side of chaos. He is the keeper of the keys, and generally no mortal may pass no matter how wise or virtuous. But the first act of creation is always separating the darkness from the chaos, and pardon the absolutes, it’s easier than pointing out every generality.

So part of why people avoid the dark side is it seems to have a mind of its own. They would rather flower pick in the brightly lit world which is entirely valid. It has very constructive uses.

The dark side can push you around, so to speak? Yes, and seems to when you open to it. It often makes puppets of the hypocritical.

Is that the nature of the realm? Like paddling in rapids as opposed to driving on concrete? Exactly. It’s the dark matter that lets matter keep its order, but it doesn’t accomplish this gently. The cold fire metaphor is quite apt.

The dark seems big and shadowy though I find the moonlight to be more comforting. The sun is more intense. The sun is more gentle than the dark, and the creatures of the dark realm are less empathic than those of the light. They are generally defined by a wisdom that humans see as harsh.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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