'Vroloks' Chapter

Shadow People

Vroloks are a classification of beings who have no physical form as we know it. They are part of a general group of phenomenon also called shadow people. Vroloks are a type of being that if it had a natural organic form would manifest as a complex parasite. They are high entropy beings. They exist as part of a continuum that dissipates energy very quickly. So they put down connections with other dimensions in order to open a stream of energy to sustain them. Their presence overwhelms your ability to think straight.

Spirit Manifestation

I have spoken of spirits before in previous classes, and one might get the impression that they are far removed otherworldly creatures. But today, among other things, we will explore how far from the truth that is. A famous physicist… Seek More

Vrolok Beings

Is Vrolok one specific being or a name for a classification of entity? Vroloks are a classification of beings who have no physical form as we know it. They are not discarnate humans. They are not discarnate vampires. Would that… Seek More

Avenues for Vroloks

The most common manifestation of a vrolok is as a haunting presence of one degree or another, showing greater or lesser evidence of actually having the personality of a deceased human being. I’ve noticed that haunted houses seem to have… Seek More

Helping Hosts of Vroloks

Is there anything we can do to help the hosts? There is. The old rites of the exorcist actually explains both the relationship of horror stories to these beings as well as illustrates a cure. The old mystery traditions were… Seek More

Tripping in the Dark

A related phenomenon to vroloks would be therians. Therians are a class of beings like vroloks that induce atavism in human partners. Evolutionary regression and the human component is a partner, not a host, as the therian doesn’t actually drain… Seek More