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Feeling you have to do what you can’t, prevents you from doing what you can.

Avenues for Vroloks in Vroloks

Shadow People

The most common manifestation of a vrolok is as a haunting presence of one degree or another, showing greater or lesser evidence of actually having the personality of a deceased human being.

I’ve noticed that haunted houses seem to have sadness in them like a trauma that never left. These wouldn’t have sadness. They would have something far worse, a numbness.

All ghosts are actually vroloks? No, some are just ghosts, but they can bear a vrolok infestation.

This makes it hard to know what one encounters, vrolok or ghost? Ah, it’s actually not hard. Your intuition will register a ghost more or less the same way it registers a human personality. But no matter how realistic the imitation may be, a vrolok will trigger your sense of a predators presence, feel “evil” even if they aren’t acting that way.

Also, ghosts affect the living through amplified empathy. They can scare you or make you feel other emotions because they are screaming their emotions into the area around them. A vrolok’s abilities manifest more as a mental jamming. Their presence overwhelms your ability to think straight. Humans show a similar trait though not as powerful or developed as in the case of some extremely intuitive salesmen.

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Is that different than a poltergeist? Ah, indeed. A poltergeist is either a ghost throwing a physical tantrum or some other influence, even a psychokinetic teen. The vrolok attempts to actually embed parts of its awareness in the being it’s feeding on. This is why the mental confusion. The information from the vroloks extension makes no human sense, and with prolonged exposure leads a host to psychosis. This is a cause of early psychosis in some ghosts actually, as they don’t automatically display psychosis by themselves.

Now there is another avenue of vrolok infestation. Though not as easy, it’s more powerful but more resource intensive as well, more of an investment for the vrolok. Linking to the deceased is easy, either the mental trace memories in a living persons mind or an actual ghost as initial host, but instead of linking to the dead, they can link to someone involved in killing. Vlad the impaler being a classic example, but Charles Manson easily another.

Would they cause a person to become psychotic so that they could feed off the energy? Well, they amplify the psychosis. Casual killing introduces the initial psychic fissure.

Killing of human or other living creatures? Oh, it can be killing of anything. The hunter gone mad who takes up living as a hermit can be vrolok infested. They take on a role in the unbalanced killer’s psychotic delusions. The dog for the Son of Sam, god for Charlie Manson, and then amplify their motive through that rapport.

Horror stories, does that entice vorloks? Yes, and also frustrate.

Can they detect the potential for disaster in our reality and then congregate there to feed? They can and do. It’s why they are associated with crows so commonly.

Do they hate the movie Twilight? They don’t care about Twilight. If anything they like it. It makes people receptive to the concept of vampirism and makes rapport easier.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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