'Law of Pragmatism' Chapter

We are forced to live with assumed “truths” that aren’t factual because if we didn’t we couldn’t function at all. We all live in some sort of rough approximation of the fiction people speak of as real life. What determines the degree of truth of any belief is the degree that the belief allows the person to survive and achieve their goals.

Education is the process of educing or drawing out understanding. Much of peoples suffering stems from subscribing to everything but a pragmatic awareness of self.

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“Dream in a pragmatic way.” Aldous Huxley (English Novelist and Critic, 1894-1963)

True Enough

Tonight, we are talking about the law of pragmatism. I find myself thinking often on this. Has anyone established a truly reliable model of reality? Some are pretty workable, but they often have big holes even though they work well.… Seek More

Real Life System

Does the model labeled “real life” allow people to survive well and achieve their personal goals efficiently? No, because it’s too tied into the agreed upon system. Agreements, and by that I mean ethically sound agreements, are arrived at mutually. Is… Seek More