'Law of Similarity' Chapter

Law of Similarity

The law of similarity is a principle of magick that states more or less simply, look a likes are alike. We need channels. We need categories, and we didn’t choose to have this trait. Nature set this up for us. Everything in your world affects you in ways that match these categories.

No object has a single category it’s linked to. Literally nothing is one dimensional or it physically could not exist, at least not at our day to day scale. The relationships between categories shift according to cycles that occur in nature.

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Look A Likes

The mind does some things naturally. Many of the things the mind does of its own inclination have served it well for a very long time, but modern trends call these natural tendencies or instincts into question without demonstrating a… Seek More

Life as a Collection of Causes

So shall we get to the way out esoteric stuff? It begins with a question. Why is there even a quantifiable list of similarities? Why can we list all the primary colors or compare things mathematically? We can teach our children… Seek More

Delving Into Our Categories

Delving deeply into our categories, or the law of similarity, we can come to see not only how things are stable and unified, but how they interact with each other in a holistic way. Even medicine is having to bend… Seek More

Align Your Energies with the Choice

Simple arbitrary rejection of the apparent is as silly as it seems. Reality won’t let you ignore it, but reality will let you recategorize it. Turn the axis of Rubik’s cube so the colors match in a more useful way.… Seek More

You Evolve

In The Tibetan Book of the Dead, they make mention of a stage of the souls journey through the bardo where the soul encounters a “mirror.” This mirror is only a barrier if the soul perceives a mismatch between their… Seek More

Reality is Self-Correcting

There is nothing that’s unforgivable, because there is nothing that is ultimately judgeable. Reality doesn’t care for human judgement. Even when things get derailed, they are just shuffled back into the mix. Nothing is ever left un-reconciled. This “mix” could… Seek More