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Truth is divinity.

Reality is Self-Correcting in Law of Similarity

Law of Similarity

There is nothing that’s unforgivable, because there is nothing that is ultimately judgeable. Reality doesn’t care for human judgement. Even when things get derailed, they are just shuffled back into the mix. Nothing is ever left un-reconciled.

This “mix” could seem to justify anything, but I see your point, and it is indeed a comforting point for me. Oh, it isn’t all justified either. Rectified, yes. Justified, no. You do in a sense condemn yourself to the consequences of your actions. You have to shuffle your cards back into the deck, but it will come back up again. Reality is ultimately self-correcting, but we can spare ourselves a lot of unnecessary grief.

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Evil can create good, but that does not justify the evil.

I do not regard suicide as “evil” although I know that many traditions do.

I do not regard anything as evil myself, nor do I regard anything really as good. I look at things as being in order or out of order. People do “evil” because they insist that reality should bend out of order to suit them. The consequence of such an attitude is those who choose to bear the world on their shoulders are inevitably crushed by it.

Let’s examine the actual behaviour of evil as it manifests in outcomes. What happens when you try to take electricity from a device that uses it?

It stops running. Yes, or even worse breaks as it shorts out as the flow is routed incorrectly. Every disruptive outcome of evil intent arises from the assertion that anything is “MINE!” depending on how you are feeling right now.

Any suggestions for the next metaphysics topic? Nothing coming to mind. Nothing is perhaps too intense a metaphysical topic, though I do touch on it lightly from time to time.

As always, I hope you take something valuable from this, and till next time, rest well when you do.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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