You can learn from good things. It requires a different skill set maybe. Today’s culture doesn’t teach us. It teaches us to solve problems. To look for issues and “fix” that.

You Evolve in Law of Similarity

Law of Similarity

In The Tibetan Book of the Dead, they make mention of a stage of the souls journey through the bardo where the soul encounters a “mirror.” This mirror is only a barrier if the soul perceives a mismatch between their self-image and what the mirror reflects. The consequences being they reincarnate, but for those with the necessary insight, the mirror becomes a gate, and the “person in the mirror” is a guide. Rather than being seen as a threat, it’s perceived as an invitation to choice, an opening to the understanding that you are one with all things, all possible outcomes. The mystery being, the mirror is never right and also never wrong.

In the Christian context I’ve heard that described as ‘alignment with gods will.’ Perhaps those are the same thing, yes.

You are not the man or woman in the mirror, but you are what brings that man or woman to stand in front of the mirror, and that cause always manifests.

We’re cause? Yes, and apparent change in form is not evidence of impermanence, but of growth. You evolve, and you evolve not only as a body (which is itself an effect, and one of many you are linked to), but you evolve as a circumstance. You evolve as a story. You evolve as memory and intention. You evolve as legacy and inheritance.

The body is just one effect of countless others, and they play off of each other as well as are playable off of each other consciously. You can better your health by shifting your awareness. You can better your relationships by shifting your story. Even nature itself has gifted you with a changing memory. Your memory of things changes every time you access it, acquiring new and different associations.

I’m still working on categorizing death in this way. Death is the unification of the body with organic matter around it. It happens when you eat, happens when you have intercourse. Actually, what isn’t covered by this model of unification?

le petit mort. Yes, exactly.

This explains why so many have problems with sex and eating. It does indeed. Death is the ultimate intimacy from one point of view. Where people become misguided is seeking death early. Like forced intimacy, suicide is rape. Rape with countless victims. I know this sounds radical, but is it unfair to say?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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