Time has been very expansive, and consciousness came well before humanity.

Align Your Energies with the Choice in Law of Similarity

Law of Similarity

Simple arbitrary rejection of the apparent is as silly as it seems. Reality won’t let you ignore it, but reality will let you recategorize it. Turn the axis of Rubik’s cube so the colors match in a more useful way.

Whatever causes you might perceive to be potentially present in your situation, they are present because all causative forces are omnipresent.

Well, it can also be as hard to do as Rubik’s cube. Well, if you are looking for the “solved” state for your reality, then it’s not only hard, it’s impossible. So you have to narrow your focus.

Every moment is like the center of a sphere with an infinity of radii (choices)? Exactly, but you have to do more than just make a choice. You have to align your energies with the choice, your attention, your relationships, your seemingly tangential choices as well.

Bring in different causes. Yes, indeed. In truth, realigning relationships is not as hard as it might sound. People like a feeling of progress, the sense that the relationship is going somewhere, and you and they are going to accomplish something together. Often, even if it isn’t actually their idea.

Or even if it’s a rock in your pocket? Indeed, your relationships include every manifest thing, all of them, people, rocks, food, air. Realigning ones relationship to air might involve quitting smoking, or taking up hang gliding, or any other of a number of things. Generally, the person who takes up sky diving can’t help but loosen their sense of firm grip on other things as well. They treat their friends with a looser, lighter touch.

Many levels here. I ponder atmosphere, global warming, crop failures. All of these things are indeed linked. You can play the puzzle, or be played by the puzzle, sing or be sung, as an old song mentions.

Walk through the door or become a doormat. Yes. Or be the door. Ah, indeed. Some people do become the door, even to the point of treating everything as a riddle. This tends to make not only other peoples decision making hard, but their own as well. But it can be fun spending time as a door as long as you don’t become too attached to it, entrenched in the passageway and unhinged as happens inevitably in time.

The ferry-boat-person is a sort of door, also. Ah, indeed, the ferry guide is a door, one that shows a deeper wisdom if they are well suited to the role. My own name means man at the crossroads. Actually, that is perhaps the perfect archetype for actively using the law of similarity.

Have you ever met a calm black and white thinker?

They are stressed keeping it black and white. That’s a hard job. So, we can make decisions and we must make decisions, but those do not have to be black and white. They can, rather, be openings. Indeed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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