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Psychic Driving in Subjugation


This is our dark metaphysics class, so in it we tend to get into topics some may find questionable. The intent is not to offend as much as it is to inform and perhaps thereby forearm or disarm fears that might not be entirely justified. With that being said, I will begin.

In the worlds magical practices we can find things that, stated mildly, people find spooky. Things involving blood sacrifice probably being the most obvious of these though the majority of the last mentioned form of practices only involve animal sacrifice which has been practiced across the world in all cultures for a very long time. Though I speak on these topics, I am not necessarily advocating their practice, and some of the more innocent seeming forms of magical practice have their roots in functions that most would consider “evil.” Like the classic “love spell“, it usually involves methods that are actually a manifestation of today’s topic ‘Subjugation.’

If you were to seek real power in the world, how would that be obtained?

Control/influence over others.


Some would say financial, others ownership of land or things. Control over others, but I feel real power is having power over one’s own destiny.

Channeling and focusing cosmic energies.

Can one exercise much real power over things they destroy? This is the reason warfare gains so little. Much in the way of resources are consumed with little or nothing gained. There have been those who understood this. Famous minds. Some of the worlds most reviled minds were seen in such light not because they advocated genocide or anything so wasteful as that, but quite the opposite. Generally, they opposed that. Those who have reached the halls of real infamy achieved this from trying to accomplish “benign” goals.

The psychic driving techniques employed in the MK-Ultra project were being tested nominally because the researcher in question felt they could be used to effectively treat schizophrenia. For those not familiar with psychic driving, the method is simple. They prevent you from losing consciousness or being able to close your senses to a stream of stimuli. It could be anything from a brief clip of a child’s birthday party to a rapid succession of horrifying slides. The purpose for bombarding your brain with this imagery, usually stuff of an emotionally stimulating nature, was to break down connections between neurons in your brain producing a forced “teachable” state.

Like in “A Clockwork Orange“? Good example. The thinking that justified this type of practice was not far from the mainstream.

And creating psychotic behaviour. Actually, psychosis was rarely induced, because the psychic driving techniques were followed up by generous doses of psycho-pharmaceuticals. The resistance necessary to develop any attitude or behaviour other than the one they wanted was almost impossible to achieve.

LSD? LSD was indeed used.

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Travis Saunders
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