'Subjugation' Chapter


Human behaviour has been understood for the open system it is for a very long time. Figures like the Marquis Desade were just some of the more romantic examples, so to speak, and the methods need not involve anything quite so overt as physical torture or psychological assault. At heart, one establishes control through fear. Capture peoples imagination and you capture their heart. Capture their heart and you likewise control their head.

The domains of reality they use are much more vast and deep than the shallow tableaus they are choosing to show us. You have to do more. You have to find your place in that same field. Find your own power in that domain. In a sense, you make the rules you live by.

“Education is indoctrination if you’re white – subjugation if you’re black.” James A. Baldwin (American Essayist, Playwright and Novelist, 1924-1987)

Psychic Driving

This is our dark metaphysics class, so in it we tend to get into topics some may find questionable. The intent is not to offend as much as it is to inform and perhaps thereby forearm or disarm fears that… Seek More

Control Through Fear

I ponder Behaviour- ist Psychology and B.F. Skinner. And yes, even right now a form of behaviourism is being advocated as the primary way to treat autism in young children. Using “aversives” as well as other behaviour we would see… Seek More

Influencing Techniques

Has anyone heard of the concept of hex death? For a member of one of the more “primitive” communities, having a reputation of being someone possessed of supernatural power opens a window. The person need not publicly pronounce ill intention… Seek More

How to Counter Subjugation

Denial is insufficient counter for all the forces involved behind subjugation magick. If you reject every form of stimuli the world has to offer, you will still not be free. Idle minds are the puppet master’s playground. What you refuse… Seek More

Hack What is Hacking Us

So, what would you create? You will be what you desire to be. You will be what you imagine being, and more specifically, what you have lead others to image you are. That’s the really sort of twisted part of this… Seek More

Mind the Landscape While You Shape Reality

To the schizo- phrenic, their hallu- cinations make their brain behave as if what they are experiencing is literally true. While you sleep and dream, your brain doesn’t even really use your sensory centers or the banks of memory associated… Seek More

Fear of Overcoming Fear

I have painted a scary picture of the world today in Subjugation, no? If it’s only moderately scary than excellent, because I want to deal in something other than fear itself. Can you fear things as well as fear your… Seek More

Fear of Physical Dependence

Fear of physical dependence as if I were paralysed. Describe that fear? Why do we fear physical dependency? Helplessness. Loss of control over personal body. Yes, loss of control. Do you have control? And a burden to others. Do you… Seek More