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Fear of Overcoming Fear in Subjugation


I have painted a scary picture of the world today in Subjugation, no? If it’s only moderately scary than excellent, because I want to deal in something other than fear itself.

Can you fear things as well as fear your own fear? Can you be afraid of heights and afraid of fear at the same time? Can you be afraid of fear and afraid of how you fear at the same time?

Anyone want to trust me with a simple fear?

Fear of overcoming fear. Fear can be a shelter.

You know fear. You know fear of the state you perceive fearlessness to be, yes? Can you be afraid of fearing fearlessness?

Yes. What happens when you experience that? Unknown. The fear of fearing fearlessness? An unknown state?

Without fear what is there? Can you fear your process of fear and be unaware?

So you fear what you most want? Yes. Fear taken to its root is what?

Lack of trust?

My desire?

I offer that it’s not fear that troubles you. Fear taken to its root is just awareness of processes, a feeling, and little different from ecstasy. We let it become fear. We let the process of fear happen to us. The error is not in knowing fear, but in not knowing fear consciously, not doing it intentionally. I consciously fear stepping in front of speeding cars, but that doesn’t become generalized. It doesn’t become a fear of motionless cars or car owners.

Ah, so go into that fear. Face that fear within yourselves, know it. Yes. Don’t deny the fear on any level. Denial is worse than useless. It’s deadly.

Own it without blaming it on others, the devil, etc. Yes. Blame is a stupid brain trick of which it has a seemingly endless repertoire.

Understand the process of the fearing and how it came to be within you? How it continues to be in you even when you think you fear not.

Or, you made me feel this or that way. This gives away our personal power. Nothing made you feel any particular way. If you don’t have freedom of feeling then you also lack free will, and any choice of yours will be meaningless. Feeling is like heartbeat. It’s good your heart is still beating. Now what?

It’s good that we are not zombies. Indeed, it’s a miracle we are not zombies.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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