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The world is not a machine, You can’t fix it. You can only scar it or let it heal and grow.

Mind the Landscape While You Shape Reality in Subjugation


To the schizo- phrenic, their hallu- cinations make their brain behave as if what they are experiencing is literally true. While you sleep and dream, your brain doesn’t even really use your sensory centers or the banks of memory associated with those in a “reasonable” way. Instead, the dreaming brain generates all those vivid experiences primarily with its association center.

But, please be SURE that you truly want what you decided for. Well, there is a guide for that. As subtle as it is, most people have not yet come to perceive these patterns fully in the world. As much as you can occupy your own mind territory, and whether you want to or not other people’s mind territory as well, there are signals running through the whole vast space of consciousness like the water cycle in physical reality. So though most people seize very little control over their own reality, let alone reality as a whole, if they did begin to bend it in ways that would threaten reality itself, there would be resistance.

Well, it’s that thing I spoke of earlier. When you truly make a decision, the world melts and bows to it and sees that it comes to fruition. So no decision and no fruition of decisions are static. All is flowing. All is flowing, indeed, and if the flow is strained or blocked, then all will seem to be flooding. So you do have to mind the landscape while you shape reality.

Lots of people imagine a world without war. Is that enough to make it happen? Not simply the imagining of the absence of war. War is a reality because it’s roots are a reality. You would have to change the streams to change that river. Imagine a world without contention, or where contest of any kind works with a different spirit than it does now. Imagine a world where change is affected not on property of domain so much as it is in spirit or creative integrity.

Life always adds. You can’t subtract, so decide what to add? Yes. Life always adds. The only reason something appears to be subtracted is that all of its energy is used by other things.

Magic is addition. Even negative addition, but it is forever a form of addition. I add distress to distress. That is my way of working, but with a little patience the listener will see that I am distressing not to affirm your stress, but to remove the capacity for stress, if only briefly.

Love more and you will have more to love. Hate more and you will have more to hate. It’s not so much about more as differently. Fear differently.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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