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Perception is internal, regardless of it seeming to have no causative connection. People try manifesting but change a surface thought and not any element of their world view. Then the world view snaps back in, and they say manifestation isn’t possible.

Control Through Fear in Subjugation


I ponder Behaviour- ist Psychology and B.F. Skinner. And yes, even right now a form of behaviourism is being advocated as the primary way to treat autism in young children. Using “aversives” as well as other behaviour we would see as grossly coercive if it were used on us. Aversives = physical and emotional punishment, electric shock, things like that.

Now this is just a modern example of subjugation. Human behavior has been understood for the open system it is for a very long time. Figures like the Marquis Desade were just some of the more romantic examples, so to speak, and the methods need not involve anything quite so overt as physical torture or psychological assault.

I ponder “enhanced interrogation techniques” a la Cheney. Oh yes, legally sanctioned by the righteous United States government.

United and untied. True, both.

For “terrorists.” And that actually gets to the core of the issue of subjugation, terrorism.

At heart, one establishes control through fear. Capture peoples imagination and you capture their heart. Capture their heart and you likewise control their head. Make them afraid enough of the specific things you want them to be afraid of, and they won’t control their reality at all, you will.

Like Hitler and others like him. Oh yes, Hitler is one modern example of this principle that readily springs to mind. But the process has never stopped, and perhaps never will. They don’t need to waste time with such a narrow power grab as Hitler made. Shape culture and you shape everything. You don’t have to make people like anything, just make them insecure. Make them feel like they are missing something, and they will follow right along to whatever song you may be singing.

Make them afraid. There are many shades of fear. Some are very subtle. In fact, where this process manifests in the most obviously magical way is in the deliberate engineering of the collective unconscious.

Has everyone heard of the concept of there being only six degrees of separation between you and any other person on earth? Well, there are more channels of communication than the obvious telephone game that occurs when Sally says something to Mary who then says something to Stewart. You need say nothing overt to anyone in that chain. Being obvious is actually a way to lose a lot of influence.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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