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A weight can be a lightening of existence. Chains can be freedom. The prisoner knows what freedom is clearly.

Process Of Desire in Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Why do we have problems? Seems sort of mysterious, huh?

I want the wrong things or I don’t know what I want? You don’t know what you want. True will, actual desire, the real substance of the human mind, is buried beneath peoples “perception.” They do not see. They say “I see.” Their eye sees nothing, but we can fix that.

The eye desires to see. This is a true desire. Even in fear it desires to see. No judgement of yours is wiser than this. The body desires to do, to act, and to move and be moved. It apprehends the exchange of energy in your world, and you can be physical with no more clarity than that.

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The basic desire is to use energy? No. Desire is energy. Energy is desire. You feel anything by the process of desire, attraction. There is no attraction opposed to aversion. There is no aversion, only attraction. You don’t fear hunger, you desire food. You don’t fear violence, you desire peace and rest.

The subconscious only operates on the positive stance? It has no sense of “not.” Fear makes no sense to it, pain does.

Sounds like a babies mind. We blind our inner child, then expect it to feed itself. How well does this work?

Baby doesn’t say “I am.” Baby says “I want.” I am doesn’t need saying and I am = I want, or is supposed to. When it doesn’t you think you have problems. When you think there is any difference between “I am” and “I want.” The “I am” is everything. I am everything. Every child knows this, and could learn wisdom from this if our culture allowed it. I am everything doesn’t mean you are nothing. There is no void. Every I am is everything.

And then we tell the child shame on you for being selfish. Yes. My son when he was younger would want very badly to feed me. I don’t like being fed, but I indulged him. This made him smile and feel fulfilled obviously. Why aren’t our older children doing this?

Not proper dinner table decorum. Proper. Proper = in keeping with perception. Proper = lie. The feeling comes from the “education” process. They learn to fear censure so we live with that censure in our heads. We let that demon in and let it suck our life away. Then wonder why we are powerless. If you take an action and it satisfies your real desire, it’s as proper as it needs to be. Anything other than agreement between perception and inner mind (or inner nature if you prefer) is improper.

I wonder how this conversation would do down in the Victoria era when propriety was as good as law? It would be fiercely ignored.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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