'Parallel Worlds' Chapter

Parallel Worlds

We can question our perception, or we can accept that our perception is more than an aberration of our mood. We are the observer, and we are this world. Right now your matter, your energy, your light, is in the world around you. There are for all intents and purposes infinite dimensional analogs of you that actualized those potential you perceive yourself as having avoided, or never had.

“The quantum theory of parallel universes is not the problem, it is the solution. It is not some troublesome, optional interpretation emerging from arcane theoretical considerations. It is the explanation, the only one that is tenable, of a remarkable and counter-intuitive reality.” David Deutsch

“The infinite vibratory levels, the dimensions of interconnectedness are without end. There is nothing independent. All beings and things are residents in your awareness.” Alex Grey

What is Unreal?

What is unreal? Perceived reality. I’d say nothing, but there is a point where your own personal reality buckles because so much ‘other’ is introduced at once, and it becomes a little ‘unreal’ as things bleed into each other. Nothing… Seek More

Parallel Realities

Science is in love with nice clean particle theory, and it makes assertions that even it can’t substantiate. One of which is that the world is mostly empty space with little bits of matter floating about ordered in some mysterious way. … Seek More

Deja Vu

Deja vu means “seen again”. It’s when you have the experience that you have seen something before that your brain knows it hasn’t. The temporal sequence of things isn’t neat. The fabric of time space is like worm eaten wood.… Seek More

World in Balance

There is a thought that bad things happen to good people. How can you explain that? Bad things happen to good people, because the concept of good and bad (i.e. justice) is a human notion. This living world is no respecter… Seek More

Translate Energy

When a Shaman is working with a spirit body, they will perceive objects and body shape that people would deny is real. They in their denial are actually mistaken, and this is why touch therapy is now a “legitimate” treatment.… Seek More

Fissure in Time

The world is not over yet, but it is coming to an end? The world ends right now. Right now I see things differently, even now, just ended again, changed my mind, there my world ended again. Are you looking now?… Seek More