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There is much truth behind jokes. The joke of the divine trickster is that he’s serious.

Translate Energy in Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

When a Shaman is working with a spirit body, they will perceive objects and body shape that people would deny is real. They in their denial are actually mistaken, and this is why touch therapy is now a “legitimate” treatment. Even if they still don’t really know why it works, how we translate that energy with the right focus is substance.

Is that like healing an injury with your hands? Yes.  How many of you have noticed someone else’s wound, yet you didn’t see it and you didn’t actually touch it?

If I see a wound, I feel pain in my head. The brain is a sense organ. It is all it is. It coordinates stuff like the eye does. If it weren’t a sense organ than those with brain injuries would not be able to be aware that they were injured.

Do you believe it when a Reverend makes a person walk when they couldn’t before? I believe in the experience of the one healed. Like Reiki, it isn’t really about the operant.  We kiss our kids awies with kisses, and the kid is soothed. It is real. Much of our distress at injury is actually psychic. A paper cut sends only a very mild physical signal, but it can seem to be maddening.

Can you say more about Reiki isn’t really about the operant? Reiki is a force in the universe. The great ki source in a sense. It moves all on its own, but we can attune ourselves to that movement and serve as a focus for what doesn’t automatically have a focus on this physical level. Ki is seen as the very substance of ones soul, what a soul is birthed from. Your ki is not reiki, but your ki can be attuned to reiki.  Rather than being drained, the practitioner usually gets benefit too. The idea is there is a vast unending source of love energy. This is why nothing in the universe is actually aborted.

Is it really another parallel world as well? It runs through them all, there isn’t this life and that life. There is only one life.

It runs through all the potentials, so it must allow us more communication between them? Yes, it does. This is why mystics are seen to have such power. The saints seem to be able to defy reality. They aren’t defying reality, they are embracing it more.

I have learned of another energy that also flows thru all, “grace”, getting basically unearned good. There is now also a movement to reopen divine grace. Once again , like Reiki, one is not so much taught or trained as “attuned”. Yes, the exhalation of Braham, the divine wind returned.  The return of the cosmic dragon, again no respecter of persons.  The feathered serpent of Aztec belief was the fire giver, as was the titan Promethius. It is funny how humanities great benefactor is always villainized.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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