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Live your life. I said live it! Live it, or I will give you a dirty look I swear…as everyone wanders off ignoring the crazy person.

Fissure in Time in Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

The world is not over yet, but it is coming to an end? The world ends right now. Right now I see things differently, even now, just ended again, changed my mind, there my world ended again. Are you looking now? Whole new world. Each persons mind is a world, we either explore it or hide from it, but it’s still there either way.

My mind is a world? Yes, of everything you have ever dreamed, felt, seen, heard, imagined. All that is possible is here now. It just may not have manifested in the consensus yet. It requires translation.

People are afraid of the end of time, but the end of time is just a natural fissure in time. Time is not a smooth uniform continuity. It never was before, and it isn’t now.  We are transitioning out of an older dimension. In a sense, an astrological house, and it’s natural that there would be a hiccup.  We know, and have evidence the world has ended before, whole cultures vanished. The dinosaurs lived in a vastly different earth, not even the same air, and that change in our world wasn’t accidental.

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Vanished from this time line/existence? So the dinosaurs are still alive, just not in this world? In a sense they are, but are not alive to us. They evolved into birds, gators, scorpions, and sturgeon. So they are still with us, they just look a bit different.

Any recommendations in becoming attuned to this new phase, comfortably, easily etc? Yes, meditate. Be still, and know I am that I am. Know that though art that. The world is your life’s breath, so breathe, and see, and be. Accept where you are.  Otherwise the psychic dissonance can, and is tearing people down. Children are being born who see, and we can be reborn in a moment. Enlightenment has struck as an instantaneous insight before. The virtual world of Second Life (SL) is actually helping people process much of the psychic energy running about, and psychic energy doesn’t necessarily mean our energy.

What do you mean by psychic energy? The energy of consciousness. We exist not only in the energy of our consciousness, but of all consciousness of any kind. Any working here is still a working.  If you sleep, and dream of working, your brain doesn’t know the difference, and you may very well wake tired as if you never slept.

The translation of the data that composes our virtual world avatars isn’t any different than the translation of the data that composes our bodies. The eidolon that is ka in Second Life is ka, image, also spark, or shard. It’s like the Egyptian concept of an inspirited statue. Ka is the Egyptian word for the part of the soul that corresponds to memory.

A-ka-shic Records? Yes, correct connection.

Do things like magic and psychic phenomenon make more sense now? Here is the secret of magic. When learning it, what you come to realize is that your sense makes no sense. You discover that it’s your reason that is at fault, but you learn to use your reason instead of continuing to let it use you.

Miracles are about opening up enough to let them happen? Yes.

Reason is how we make sense of things in our minds? We can change that. This is why the runes exist, and the tarot, the ogham tree oracle, oneiromancy, oh the list is endless.  There’s nothing wrong with using reason as long as you don’t let it fool you. It’s just like your eyes. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. We can’t see the electricity running through the circuits in our walls, and we don’t need to. We can make the observation that if we flip the switch the light goes on.

If we had no eyes then would we be more willing to believe? No, regrettably that isn’t true, not absolutely. But in the past there were those who did sacrifice their eyes, because they already believed. It’s the idea that the eyes are all that sees that’s the problem. The idea that only hands touch that is the falsehood. It’s really just moving it aside, and you can put it down at any time.

Is that why humans are afraid of people that look different? Yes, that is why.

Why the members in our Second Life group ’One World, Many Paths’ bear the title ‘heretic’ is we aren’t moving in the accepted way. Heretic means literally one guilty of heresy, espousing a view that isn’t accepted as orthodoxy, and it is what we are all about. Putting experience first, last, and in the middle.  The true heretic is forever a heretic, because they put their experience first. So as ideas become commonly accepted the heretic isn’t worried about it, they have moved on.

What does your SL group title ‘iconoclast’ mean? Icon breaker. Breaker of idols. I will take what you think you see, and show you that it isn’t that.

Quite a ride! Yup, it’s a ride. I think they call it in some circles the Tao, in traditional Norse belief it was the weird.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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