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Empty can be good. I like space in myself, breathing room.

Deja Vu in Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

Deja vu means “seen again”. It’s when you have the experience that you have seen something before that your brain knows it hasn’t. The temporal sequence of things isn’t neat. The fabric of time space is like worm eaten wood. When another “road not taken” would lead to an event earlier, that you actualize later, your brain is in synch with that state, there and here. Ultimately, you have one mind, and it’s an entire universe unto itself. Reality is in the eye of beholder.

Deja vu is really a memory that was lost or it never happened, you just think it did? No, it is a memory that was created in a temporal parallel.

We can remember the future? We can remember the future, because the future as we conceive of it doesn’t exist.

Many futures, so we can make choices? Yes, but we don’t navigate this in a vacuum, and we don’t exist in the same way on every level. On one level, the existence of a rock (which we consider to be an unliving object) actually has a linked consciousness. On its level, you are the rock and it is aware, though in actuality you are empty space on that level. But these levels aren’t separate. So when the Shaman says the mountain has become angry, that isn’t ignorance. It’s at worst a badly translated perception, and events can occur on that level that affect us.

That explains the angry rock that tripped me the other day? Nothing happens by accident. Even physics is discovering that there is no physical mechanism by which “accidents” can happen. They say “as above so below”. It’s true, and we are not strictly physical beings. We are whole beings, and our current focus is physical.

“As above so below” still connotates separation? Yes, and denies it in the same phrase. But people don’t think it out usually.

When something hits you like a rock, or a bit of seed from a tree, or just a gust of wind, it’s not an accident and could it be a sign? Yes, and the levels communicate. When Don Juan Matus spoke of getting agreement from the world, he didn’t mean it philosophically. Just as we can exist in harmony, or in dissonance, or opposition among ourselves and among the other “physical” beings, you can be in agreement or conflict with other levels.

When someone says “the world is out to get me” they are right and also responsible? Yes. Just like real life when a person is being a jerk, most people agree they are being a jerk. This is why we have spirit guides, but our term spirit doesn’t mean a lot on the multi-cosmic level. Everything just exists, but the guides help us if allowed, because what we do affects them too.

The world operates as a whole even if we are squinting at it. Thus in the Gaia theory, they observe the capacity of the planet to react to world events, and not “mindlessly”. There is no such thing as mindless.  All that exists is mind, so to say “That’s just my mind, it’s not real” is like people claiming that there is no reason. There is always reason. You can’t cause without effect. Whatever brought something about had as many connections as we do, and we are very much connected to it. When someone feels pain from having a sentimental item damaged or destroyed, in a sense they did literally suffer injury. Do that enough, and the person will develop serious health problems.

I have had so many synchronicities coming faster and faster as of late, is there something happening? There is something happening, the world slumbers.

One of my aunts as she moved through countries “asked” permission to the deities/entities of those countries for safe passage. The observation that biologists make about life changing in a process of “punctuated equilibrium” is really just an example of the world’s circadian rhythm. When it wakes it gets busy, and stretches its potentials. We are part of that, so speaking to the spirit of a land is not silly, not necessary either, but how you deal with these issues is up to you. If you choose not to deal at all, then they still work anyway.

I understand experience is speeding up. The heartbeat of the planet is speeding up? Yes, and our heart beat is in synch with our mothers. So as we draw life energy in, we change.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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