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Reclaim Old Psychic Energy in Waves


So, observation and reaction… Shall we explore some examples?

Let’s focus on the home scale. Your home observes you. The home being a collective of many things, and it observes you through reacting to the distribution of your personal energy, what you interact with and what you neglect. The home will even begin to adjust to its environment as well. It observes not only you but the land it is built on. As the lands states of being change, so will your home change.

You think of it as just observing creaks in the floor boards, but in fact it’s the homes internal dialogue which includes and mirrors your own. That strange sound in your house influences you just as much as it does any other physical part of the house. It might compromise your sleep. House strain is your strain, and vice versa.

So, perhaps having house plants helps the house to relax and feel better. It does. It mirrors that life that parts of it once knew. They have established now that plants do sense your physical presence the way you obstruct the light and emit heat, as well as your chemical signature.

People give me ailing plants, and they thrive here. Yes. The environment is more friendly there. You are less an abscess in the fabric of reality around you. Abscess/obsess, same thing. “Real life” is just a reflection of the mechanistic obsession.

Now how might the transition I mentioned effect that? Well, everything ultimately must conform to the behaviour of a more highly ordered system. This is even a principle of engineering. The most highly ordered systems in our world is the most dynamic, the most organic. The more genuinely organic behaviour human beings exhibit, the less strength and integrity the mechanistic model will hold. Like an emotion making an impact on your cars performance, humanity can also impact, deconstruct and reclaim the old embedded psychic energy.

I ponder how mechanical modern medicine is. It is still very mechanical, but it is also highly unstable. It is making rapid and radical changes.

Everyone familiar with haunting phenomena? How psychic energy can get caught in stone structures? Metal as well, leading to unintelligent playback events like the structure is replaying a hologram of what happened. Well, we are haunted not by the spirits of our ancestors, but by their memories, and we are highly suggestible creatures. We want to keep the old model because of the collective force of belief invested in it by those who pioneered it, which mostly is the post World War II crowd, but their imprint fed off of a previous trend.

I ponder momentum as karma. Also how karma can be “cleansed” through meditation and awareness? The old psychic template has become a cyst, a tumour in our minds, thus perhaps the primacy of cancer as an ailment in today’s world? Like any budding cancer though, it can be eliminated and controlled through fluidity. Stickiness is what makes it stay.

And heart disease. And arthritis. All diseases of stickiness.

I understand people want persistence, stability, something they can “build on.” Well, again, the most stable systems are the dynamic ones; spinning wheels, the earth’s magnetic field, the human mind.

I ponder gyroscopes. Indeed. We use that gyroscopic principle in much of our advanced technology even now. The large Hadron collider is ultimately a big spinny thing. The biggest and most powerful we have made so far.

Did you hear that they confirmed it really is a Higgs Boson? More or less, yes, though they aren’t clear on what that exactly means.

Who knew god was so small? God is a circle with its centre everywhere and its circumference nowhere though we can find functional limits, virtual realities, same thing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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