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Waves are the Primary Force in Waves


First, we have to remove the entire universe as we know it. The material universe has been modelled upside down and backwards. Sort of like how the eye sees, there is some consistency between the current model and what is actually behind it, but you can tell what make a car is without seeing or understanding anything of the mechanics, really. No?

So today, we see everything as particles primarily, and there is some hand waving about how particles are also waves and what that might mean. They haven’t yet reconciled the two models. I will offer another alternative.

Waves are the primary force, but they do not propagate through space as we typically consider it. So when waves intersect, that forms particles. No particle without wave interaction.

The configurations of atoms are more the product of harmonics than just random mechanical force. There is a quantum tide, of sorts, but even more complicated than the behaviour of any fluid. The reason things seem to behave like the matter we understand is that there are coherent currents moving through the medium, like the currents in our own oceans sort of, and due to a complex of interacting forces in the broader medium, our material level of existence seems to both offer persistence and change like the deep ocean currents keeping a narrow range or path, but also snaking a bit across their field. Sort of like living in a big wormhole. Wormholes aren’t the weird exception. They’re more of a rule.

The medium of all these waves could be thought of as raw probability. It has no single corresponding object in our world. What would be found with sufficient technology and investigation is that there is a core pattern, sort of like the patterns of crystallization that show up in a snowflake, that rests at the figurative centre of every bit of matter. This is what gives rise to what they call spontaneous particles.

Matter doesn’t just pop into and out of existence. The medium of “probability” ripples so there are little eddies all over this huge universal ocean, and the wave pattern rests on the “floor” of the multiversal substrate which is itself structured perhaps like an infinite coral reef, forming all sorts of webs and nodules and branching structures, and influencing the flow of that probability energy through our universe and every other universe.

So each object in our universe is an iteration of one baseline object, taking on apparently different forms due to processes somewhat like refraction and convection so it never looks the same from one universe to another.

This is the broad picture. I had to describe the big picture in order to make sense of the small scale physics. It seems too weird for words, no?

Our material universe appears to behave in a way that is consistent with strictly matter based models. The reason all this seems so consistent is that the collective force of probability acts like a fluid on our material world. You can create a short lived disturbance in flowing water, but it will quickly go right back to the behaviour dictated by the greater mass of the medium.

To state it more simply, quantum scale effects are the default, not the exception. They are the bottom line or closer to the bottom line at least.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

Would you like to see an interesting particle wave video? Morgan Freeman makes everything more meaningful.

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