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Absolutist thinking is a vicious falsehood, creates only confusion.

Ripples of our Universe in Ripple Realities

Ripple Realities

Now to explain the universal shell… This is where ripple realities come in.

The events in our universe spread out not in a three or even four dimensional pattern, but something more in the neighborhood of ten dimensions. So each event causes things to happen that we ourselves only perceive a narrow portion of. To expect us to see all of the event would be like expecting a single celled organism to be able to closely examine the face of the human whos skin it’s moving across.

I’ve heard that’s why there have been strange objects perceived in history. When an object of a higher dimension then ours cuts through our space, we see only three dimensions of it, so a distorted view. Yes, and it also tends to create physical noise, radioactive emissions, electrical storms, things like that.

Like a line cutting through a flat plane looks like a dot. Yes. There is a lot of traffic through earth space of that nature, mostly fairly mundane stuff.

I will be describing things as if they were spread out on a flat map so we can begin to visualize them, but the actual geometry is much more enmeshed than that. It’s not just a holographic universe. It’s a holographic multiverse. So if you were to examine your fourth dimensional form or body, it would not look like a line or stream of matter. It would look more like a spider web or cracks in ice. This incarnation personally would naturally revert or gravitate toward this state of being, but it’s not the only state of being possible.

Do the relationships you are describing have only to do with people or is it also other matter? They include all matter, and even link various states of matter and being together. So on one level you and that rock in the street are literally one.

Like looking through a prism your matter and energy are refracted at various points throughout what we might call the fourth dimensional plane. Like an object is repeated in a properly situated set of mirrors, each time the subtlety different angle distorts the relationship of “you” to everything else around you. So in one setting you are on the chair, in another you are just behind the chair, in yet another the chair is removed from your location all together. Each of these versions of you, if you could talk to them, would not necessarily agree with you about what exactly happened when and why. They each maintain their own coherent continuum of existence. This is why anything in reality is stable at all, but they are you. You in all the ways you could have gone, with all the possible variables played out in your life. The math needed to compute all the possible versions of you would be so complex as to be meaningless.

Are these universes in this one universe and also happening in the other universes? Yes. Like an atom, the ripples of our universe form a sort of shell around its multi-dimensional core. But our multiversal “atom” is not shielded from interaction with other such atoms, and on the outer layer there is cross over between you and that other universes version of you. These multiversal atoms do form constellations like our atoms form molecules, and there are universes where they have learned to travel along these energy bonds between multiverses.

How do they travel between multiverses? There is an energy exchange between multiverses. A flow of energy we would call probability. So it’s a sort of hyper dimensional transposition. They fold the bond between points in their space and our space, and their own energy “weight” lets them jump over. A lot of energy is actually conserved.

This is between multiverses within our universal shell? Not from one universes multiverse to another? Oh no, it’s between multiversal shells. Cross between particles in our own multiversal shell isn’t that complicated. It occurs even as a natural phenomenon. Our time space is more like Swiss cheese than a solid force field.

Does like energy seek like between multiverses? It seeks resonant energy. Though the energies are very different from each other, the two connect in a sort of transcendent hyper dimensional object, like RNA and DNA, or any other epigenetic agent and the human genome. There is an inter-multiversal compatibility, perhaps like capillaries would be a better metaphor. I was mostly focusing on giving people something to visualize.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Bashir Bomai

    It make sense and is “visible” to those who can “see” it,sense the “differences” and be able to live in harmony within those conditions.No doubt.What happens on one plane ocuppying the same available plane affects activities or events on another.It may or may not affect individuals or whole peoples and nations.This depends on the levels or depths of the “interactions”.Sometimes,it might be deemed wise by the RULERS to allow one plane to be totally ignorant of another in order to maintain balances and also “protect” evolutionary states of any or all inhabitant species of being….

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