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Consciousness Event Horizon in Ripple Realities

Ripple Realities

Will our brains evolve higher than 3D? Our brains? Well yes, but by that time they won’t look much like the brains we know now.

You said our brains receive on the third dimension? Yes, and the complexity of the neuronal cytoskeleton can progress.

So we won’t look like “us” either? Change the brain biology and you change all other biological processes, the endocrine system, the whole gene pool, by a process of epigenetic diversification. One of those punctuation points in the punctuated equilibrium pattern.

Can we connect to that like we connect to ripples? Exactly like the ripples? No. Two different spectrums like the difference between amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. Ripples would be the parallel for frequency modulation. Those other dimensional states of being would be jumps in amplitude.

Evolution more or less? Yes, but there is a sort of trick that can let us fake it. The process of quantum collapse. Observing a state causing it to fall out of the indeterminate field. It can be reverse engineered. The observer effect can be reversed. The formation of our multiversal body is the product of the resolution of indeterminate states of matter and energy. The various ways that all of our matter and energy can fall into solid states of being, actuated reality.

The set of fields that go together to make actuated reality are just one such set of fields, and if you center your consciousness just behind the point where your mind has made a clear observation, and reference it just enough to perceive that a clear observation was made … That creates a ground or field that you could shift your attention across. Although part of your mind is making those observations, the actual center of consciousness can change its relationship to the range of observations possible.

Where we focus is where we “are”? Yes. More or less, you can center your consciousness between multiversal bodies. It would be like Second Life transforming into World of Warcraft, because you have turned your mind into your modem rather than the client software.

Is this what we call altered states of consciousness? The outer fringes of the altered states, yes. The consciousness event horizon.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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