If everything seems meaningless, then you’re way off center.

Engineer States of Being in Ripple Realities

Ripple Realities

I do like to take anything like this on ripple realities back to practical application. Though the practical application of this insight is perhaps really complicated, it is still there. Because if you can shift your consciousness out to that outer limit of your awareness, sort of like examining what happens when an atom decays, you can learn exactly what consciousness is made up of. Then you can take these insights back into your normal state and deliberately tinker with and invent or engineer states of being that you might prefer better for one reason or another.

We can move through altered states of consciousness to this event horizon? Yes, we can when you see the subatomic particles of mind for what they are.

Is this what we are doing in Second Life? Tinkering with states of being? It’s one of the things we can be doing, yes.

Does this advance our evolution? When you see those fringe elements of consciousness for what they are, you can engage in deliberately directed evolution and develop the perception that would let you undertake that evolution in a healthy and stable context.

By looking without really looking, we change from being the observer that influences the observation to simple realization? Yes. Realization at its core is the heart of human potential, all potential.

Maybe everything is aspects of one thing? Yes. There is a fundamental reality. All multiverses ultimately deal in reality.

It’s all feet. So do you know where your shoes are? Feet is a metaphor. The thing we perceive and the ability to perceive it are ultimately the same thing. When we walk from one room of our house to another one, we tend to think that we have changed something, but in fact we have only used the structure inherent in the world as a whole. In Soviet Russia your feet walk you. Your eyes look you, and so on and so on. You didn’t change your body, you changed your mind.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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