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Enlightened self-interest is wisdom. Everything has a cost and you will have to pay in one way or another. If you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I feel it’s better to do what you will and accept the consequences.

Metaconsciousness in Ripple Realities

Ripple Realities

You have a three dimensional brain, but that three dimensional brain is seated in a multidimensional quantum event field. In a way, your brain has its own gravity well. This is why you are conscious at all. The outer band of energy around the brain doesn’t look like brain activity because it isn’t. It’s mind activity.

What happens when your brain is gone? When your brain is gone the quantum field that gave it form sort of inverts. Metaconsciousness becomes normal consciousness and what we considered normal consciousness becomes memory, a potential, like remembering you will fall if you don’t keep your balance. In fact, we do “fall” and thus the matter experience repeats itself. We slow down until we are “alive” again. I see it like being online. You are just instead on timeline. You don’t have to go online, but we find reasons to. There is plenty to learn in this state of being.

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Can we tap into metaconsciousness while in 3D consciousness? We can, and we can even train ourselves to emulate that state well enough while in 3D consciousness that it is visible as an implicate geography in our “real space.” It’s often called being psychic.

Does metaconsciousness allow us to bridge data to other ripples? Oh yes, fairly easily actually. You can even bridge matter, but that isn’t a threshold anyone has crossed yet. If you modulate the observer resonance, you could hop all across the various ripples that compose our multiversal shell. Now you could pick up inertia of sorts that would begin to cause complications each time you make the transition. You would in time wind up more or less stranded in one of them.

I think the TV show “Sliders” is going between ripples? Yes. Sliders is between ripples, but even they encountered “aliens” to the multiversal continuum all together.

Is the Second Life virtual world an artificially generated ripple reality? Ah, excellent. Yes, it is. So we are experiencing another reality in Second Life that we have created? Yes.

Will this help us sharpen our senses to other ripples? It has that potential, especially when they start introducing brain computer interfaces which they’re anticipating within the next handful of years.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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